WRABF - New Air Rifle Class.  


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2019-08-30 02:27:25  

At the 2019 WRABF General Assembly is a new Air Rifle class introduced.

Basic rules
Unlimited Air Rifle - is any rifle having any manually, mechanically, electronic operated firing mechanism, unlimited weight, Bi-pod, Unlimited and Factory stock or stocks that meet ‘Stock Clarification’ rules may be used (see APPENDIX F).

Any manual and electrical modification may be made to the rifle and any magnification scope may be used.

Any air regulators can be used as long as it is integral within the air rifle. Muzzle brakes, muzzle flips, barrel weights or Harmonic Tuners are permitted.

There is no restriction on cylinder size or capacity and it is integral within the rifle. (Separate Air Cylinders are not allowed, the cylinder must be part of the rifle).

Shooting Distance 50M.

50M target to be used (0.177, 0.2 and 0.22 scores will be plugged by using a 0.22 calibre gauge) or Electronic scoring with Truescore procedures.

Postal match to start.

Detail to follow.

obo: Nick Schoonwinkel
WRABF Secretary