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Southern Michigan Gun Club, Mattawan. August 7 USARB Benchrest outdoors.

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Saturday August 7 we will be holding our monthly USARB Benchrest match at Mattawan Michigan, Southern Michigan Gun Club.  We open the gates by 8 am,  we ask that all shooters be registered by 930 am. and we start shooting at 10am.  Our range faces east, to the morning sun, so an adjustable umbrella is a good idea to bring with you.  We require Eye protection, and although we don't require Ear protection it's a good idea to use it.  We will shoot 3 targets for a match at 25 meters, and a second match of 3 targets at 25 meters for an aggregate.  For those that wish to stick around I will have 50 yard N50 targets with me and we can run 3 of those afterward as well.  (And although N50 allows rimfire, we don't. We can only use air rifles at this range!)

The N50 will be a little less formal, as I have some things to take care of at the range in preparation for the "Great Lakes Invitational" match in September.  The Deadline to preregister is July 31, so get your spot reserved quickly.