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Results from SMGC Mattawan Michigan USARB 25 meter outdoor

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Wow, there's a lot to say... Holy Cow what a day. We had shooters of all walks of life here today, that got together with Air rifles and had a blast.

Firstly, if that's a word? We started off by having some great weather, warm temps, and clear skies. No real pesty bugs, just a few creepy crawly ants, as Joe Biden would say (in the hairs of his legs). The gentle wind was building though. Eric received his new rifle last week, a Thomas Air, in a beautiful green, as Skip Otto would say (Green guns shoot better) and as of last weekend it did shoot very well. We had High hopes for Eric to finish well. What we didn't have figured was that other shooters were going to show up and bring their "A" game.

We started off, first match first target of the day Francis shoots his first 250 with my Thomas Air .177, and the first one I've witnessed outside in the last 3 years at this club. that woke up the sleepers. All of a sudden everybody was chasing Francis' great lead. Most of our shooters are very vocal about how they're shooting, and as targets come and go we all discuss things. All except one very quiet sleeper who's name I will mention in a minute. Greg Vaughn was shooting well, Joe Chapman also doing very well, he and Jon Wulff travel and shoot together and both shoot their RAWs usually very good so this gives us a Gage by which to aim for. Eric and Francis were neck and neck with Joe and Greg and Jon. John Ayers was having some problems with a batch of pellets in his Theoben .20 cal, so we left him alone. Meanwhile the wind is really picking up. shooters were stopping middle of the target for a minute for things to settle down. Next to Ayers though, Tom Evans was sneaking along shooting very respectable targets, not all great, but, No bad ones. Most of us hadn't noticed how he was sneaking up on the lead. He also shoots a Thomas Air .177. By the end of the day, Joe mentioned that Jon had just shot a very good target and wanted to see the score of it before heading down the road... It was a very good target, a 246 with 9xs.. we all thought that that target might just elevate Jon's place, but Tom Evans, very good competitor didn't get shook up. when he was done shooting he got out his FX impact .25 to do some long range practice... with no mention to anyone about how he thought he was placing. Congrats Tom, You won for the Day, winning the second match and the grand aggregate. Francis was hard to catch in the morning, and won the first 3 target match, and earned a very rare 250 sticker. In the end Eric was third behind Tom and Francis, Joe and Jon followed Eric.

Alan Moerdyk, and Mark King each had some issues to sort through with their rifles, and Michelle had some early issues to overcome. We all had fun. It was good to see George Shoup back with us again... I heard him asking about competitive rifles... he may be shopping.                                                          

Big Event...Chris and I are conversing to hammer out the details for the "Big Event" Sept 24,25 weekend. We will keep you all posted, and we'll require pre registration as slots will be limited. Keep an ear out as we will be advertising and informing you of information as it develops.  The Big Event will be called the "Great Lakes Invitational", however all Air rifle benchrest shooters are invited.  We shoot USARB type matches and we will shoot 2 (3) card matches at 25 meters with the opportunity to shoot 2 rifles and score for a 2 gun event.  We are limited to 30 shooters so get your registration to me ASAP, July 31 is the cut.  There will be prizes and awards, there will be meals and there will be T shirts for the competitors.  We may have extra T shirts for sale at the Event as well. Rifles contested will be Springers, LV, HV, and Open. .177-.22.  stay posted I will be bringing more info as we move forward. Contact me Paul Becigneul at to register.  We will be having a pay by PayPal to reserve your slot, more details to come. I 'll mention, we'll be looking for sponsors for some prizes for well deserved shooters and travelers.

Morning match results first match

Francis Becigneul HV 250 8 243 5 239 6 732 19 0.177
Greg Vaughn HV 246 8 243 8 242 5 731 21 0.177
Eric Simmons HV 242 4 247 9 242 3 731 16 0.177
Joe Chapman HV 244 8 241 7 244 5 729 20 0.177
Tom Evans HV 244 9 239 6 243 5 726 20 0.177
Jon Wulff HV 241 2 239 5 230 2 710 9 0.177
John Ayers HV 150 0 133 0 175 0 458 0 0.2
Michelle Becigneul LV 207 1 196 1 216 2 619 4 0.177
Mark King Spr 216 0 231 4 216 0 663 4 0.177
Alan Moerdyk Spr 203 0 211 3 223 3 637 6 0.177

Second match results

Tom Evans HV 243 5 244 11 246 6 733 22 0.177
Jon Wulff HV 242 8 241 2 246 9 729 19 0.177
Joe Chapman HV 244 5 243 8 240 2 727 15 0.177
Francis Becigneul HV 236 7 246 6 244 12 726 25 0.177
Eric Simmons HV 236 8 243 6 246 9 725 23 0.177
John Ayers HV 130 0 151 0 168 0 449 0 0.2
Michelle Becigneul LV 225 1 223 1 220 2 668 4 0.177
Mark King Spr 229 1 217 1 210 1 656 3 0.177
Alan Moerdyk Spr 213 2 206 2 215 1 634 5 0.177

Overall Grand aggregate Results

Competitor Class Total X Cal. Place
Tom Evans HV 1459 42 0.177 1
Francis Becigneul HV 1458 44 0.177 2
Eric Simmons HV 1456 39 0.177 3
Joe Chapman HV 1456 35 0.177 4
Jon Wulff HV 1439 28 0.177 5
John Ayers HV 907 0 0.2 6
Michelle Becigneul LV 1287 8 0.177 1
Mark King Spr 1319 7 0.177 1
Alan Moerdyk Spr 1271 11 0.177 2


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The GREAT LAKES INVITATIONAL sounds like one of the premier events in the 3 state area, can’t wait! 

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@sgt actually, which 3 states?  We’d like to have shooters from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, etc.  it’s located just off I-94 which gives real good access to a lot of travelers.  Thank you for your interest. Hope to see you then and there.