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Results from Sherwood Airgunners USARB indoor benchrest shoot 11-14/15 2020 + Match Report

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Hi! airgunners!!  Sherwoods first match of the season will be on the 14/15th of November.  Please read the enclosed document for info as some things are different this year because of Covid 19 restrictions in Ohio and we will be shooting under full USARB rules this year so please read before committing to register for shooting.  Hope to see you then!!  Jeff Little, Match Director

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Report enclosed,  Thank you to all who attended!!  Jeff Little Match Director

Sherwood Airgunners of Steubenville Ohio Indoor Bench rest Shoot Report 11/14-15 2020

Eighteen shooters made their way to the Sherwood Archery Club near Steubenville Ohio this past weekend to try their hand at USARB 25 yard bench rest shooting for the first match of the 2020/2021 season. We are planning to try to hold a match each month depending on the situation with the corona virus. We had shooters in three classes compete for the top spot with Heavy Varmint being the largest class with thirteen shooters. Keith Walters topped the list shooting a 20 caliber RAW HM1000 known as “the Blue Beast” because of its dominance on the benches at Sherwood!! Many shooters in the club have shot 250 scorecards with it that never shot one with their own gun!! Keith gave us all a break and shot three 249 cards for a 747 with 33x’s total leaving the door open this time but no one was able to beat him as the closest to him was Jeff Little with a 745 with 44x’s also shooting a RAW TM1000 and in third was Carl Lucas who shot his new Daystate Wolverine with a 741 with 30x’s total In light Varmint we had two shooters with Ron Heckathorne shooting the only 250 card of the match for a total of 743 with31x’s topping Doug Cunningham who had a 735 with 21x’s total for the runner up position. Both men were shooting RAW BM500 rifles.

The USA Spring piston class was dominated by Al Duster shooting his trusty Walther LGU who shot a VERY respectable score of 727 with 17 x’s ,that being only 8 points off of the USARB record There were two new shooters in the spring piston class from Pennsylvania that joined us this time, Walt Tutak and his Son Braden fought it out for second and third with 12 year old Braden outshooting his Dad for second place!!! Good job Braden!!!!! Hope to see them back next time!! Get that gun fixed Walt!! (Walt had a multitude of problems with his Walther LGU )

Thanks to everyone that attended the shoot!! We hope to have one every month this winter but that remains to be seen as they are threatening shut downs again due to Covid. We shall see!!

Below is a complete list of shooters and their respective scores and equipment used. J.Little M/D

Light Varmint

Ron Heckathorne RAW BM500 Leupold comp 36 JSB8.44 244 6x 249 13x 250 12x 743 31x First

Doug Cunningham RAW BM500 Hawke ED JSB8.44 245 5x 245 8x 245 8x 735 21x

Heavy Varmint

Keith Walters RAW HM1000 Nightforce JSB 13.4 249 13x 249 8x 249 12x 747 33x First

Jeff Little RAW TM1000 Sightron 10-50x60 JSB 13.43 249 10x 248 16x 248 18x 745 44x Second

Carl Lucas Daystate Wolverine Falcon 10-50 JSB 13.43 248 9x 249 11x 244 10x 741 30x Third

Dave Campbell RAWTM1000 Hawke Airmax JSB 13.43 247 9x 246 7x 246 6x 739 22x

Rick Smelco Daystate Wolverine Aztec Emerald JSB 13.43 245 6x 248 7x 244 8x 737 21x

Tom West Air Arms s500 Hawke Airmax JSB 13.43 246 7x 245 4x 243 5x 734 16x

Tim Swan FX Crown Athlon JSB 18.1 232 2x 239 4x 241 7x 712 13x

Eric Minor FX Dreamline Athlon Midas JSB 8.4 242 5x 239 2x 239 8x 720 15x

Shannon Jones FX Crown Aztec 5.5-25 240 5x 237 5x 233 3x 710 14x

Conrad Griffith Air Arms s500 Athlon Argus H&K barracuda 10.65 234 3x 242 7x 234 3x 710 13x

Lucas Marusiak Daystate Huntsman Hawke Vantage JSB 10.34 232 2x 237 4x 236 4x 705 10x

Jamie Marusiac UMX Gauntlet Hawke Vantage H&N 10.65 225 5x 226 2x 223 2x 674 9x

Jerry McCombs BSA R-10 Hawke JSB 10.34 214 1x 194 1x 214 1x 622 3x

USA Spring Piston

Al Duster Walther LGU Sightron comp.45x JSB 10.34 243 6x 244 7x 240 4x 727 17x

Braden Tutak Walther LGV Tasco JSB 10.34 150 0x 173 0x 152 0x 484 0x

Walt Tutak Walther LGU MTC Viper JSB diabolo 121 0x 181 ox 64 0x 366 ox