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Benchrest Match Heflin, AL 11.14.20 and Results

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Hi all, 

Time to send a few more rounds down range.  Shooter's meeting will be at 0900 and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  Range opens at daylight.  
As always, if you have symptoms of COVID, have tested positive or have been exposed please stay home and get better.  We haven't had any problems and want to keep it that way.  
I hope to see everyone there.  Be safe and shoot straight!
Hi all, 

Wow what a day!  The weather was spectacular.  It would have been perfect except for some pesky wind lol.  
It was my distinct pleasure to welcome 3 new shooters out to the course today: John Fuller, Michael Montgomery and Daniel Ward.  These guys are passionate air gunners and it's always good to meet folks with the same interests.  I do hope that they are able to return soon.  
Once again, the spring gun class  was well represented.  Both Mike and Dan shot in this class.  John shot Heavy Varmint and I shot Light Varmint.  Here's how it worked out. 
Spring Gun
Daniel Ward              689/750 9x     Diana 56 TH .22, Nikko 10-50, JSB 18.1
Michael Montgomery 253/750 1x     Benjamin Vermint NP .22,  Unknown Scope CP
Heavy Varmint 
John Fuller                 318/750          Benjamin Fortitude .177, LCBO 6-16, Gamo Red Fire
Light Varmint
Paul Oswalt                713/750          RAW HM1000 .177, Bushnell 5-15 MD, JSB 8.4
Thanks to everyone that came out.  Hope to see you all next time.