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Bench Rest Match: Heflin Alabama 10.24.20 (and Results)  


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October 23, 2020 07:55:10  

Well it was damp to say the least.  But it was mostly just light rain with light winds so it was manageable. 

So we added a new twist today, everyone shot a 50 yard card in addition to their three 25m cards. It was a lot of fun but VERY challenging.  So here was how it ended up. The first score is the 25m 75 shot aggregate.  Second score is the 50 yard card.  

Spring Gun

L. Hanson      653 5x and 193 1x, RWS 54, Unknown scope, JSB 15.9

Heavy Varmint 

B. Ellis           721 22x and 221 5x Steyr LG110, Sightron 10-50, 10.4 JSB

G. Sallusti      535 2x and 106 0x  Falcon FN19, RWX 2-7, 7.7 grain pellets  

Light Varmint

P. Oswalt       725 13x and 222 2x.  RAW HM 1000, Bushnell 5-15, 8.4 JSB

J. Johnson     656 7x and 182 0x.   Hammerli AR20 Sightron 4-16,  ??

Thanks to everyone who came out and shot today.  And those that couldn't make it, we'll see you next time.  Next match is three weeks from today, 11.14.20.  

See you next time!!



Hi Everyone!

Saturday is the next match day under our new schedule.  We'll continue to run this way until February and then I'll make an assessment based on feedback and participation.  Here are the dates.

Oct 24, Nov 14, Dec 5, Dec 26, Jan 16, Feb 6 , Feb 27

The shooter's meeting will be at 0900.  I did get some 50 yard targets sent to me for any what want can try it out.  I don't have enough to shoot a full relay so I propose that if all who want to try 50 yards, shoot one card as part of their 3 card match.  If you are a FT shooter, whether Hunter, AAFTA or WFTF, the 50 yard game would be good training for calling the wind.  I'm gonna shoot a card for sure!

Please RSVP.  

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