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AoA EBR 9.5

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During the past months, during the “COVID19 Umbrella”, we have held a few Bench Rest and Field Target Matches and with some minor tuning the majority feels they were all a success.

We are not alone. Everyone is touched in one way or another.

We have been privileged in the fact that NONE of our Friends and Family have been hit directly!

Airguns of Arizona surfaced an idea to hold a Postal Match,

EBR 9.5 Lockdown Extreme Benchrest.

Having missed the announcement (my fault) that we didn’t need to venture to Arizona, I set up a Mini EBR here in the Pacific Northwest.

Yesterday, November 22d, was the only date we could mass a small group.

Washington State weather is mostly 99% Humid and 1% “Roll of the Dice”.

We lost yesterday! 99% Humidity and 1% 43 degrees and dark.

We did have 5 dedicated souls step up to the plate.

Our Smallbore range is where we shoot Air Guns larger that .22 and more powerful than 20FLB.

Following “COVID 19 Protocol” and at 75 and 100 Yard distances we shot in the Cold & Rain.

Within our Arena:

John Parris, THOMAS HP 50 Yard Gun, .22 = 1st

Steve Parks, AA HFT500, .177 = 2d

Chris Berlew, FX T12, .22 = 3d

Sue Dodge, FX T12, .22 = 4th

JD Dodge, FX Boss, .30 = 5th


Special thanks to AoA for having this memorable event!