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Where to Shoot Around Columbus, OH ?? Need HELP!

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Hey all.  

I am in need of help and I hope someone can direct me to a solution...or at least enable me to get a bit closer to my goal.  

I moved here from Houston where I had a nice, BIG back yard where I could get shots up to 45-47 meters.  Neighbors didn’t care.  Ideal setup for me because I could shoot my air rifle and bows any time I wanted for as much as I wanted. 

Well as things go, my situation changed and I had to come here, to the Columbus Ohio area.  More specifically I am in Delaware, about 5 minutes from the small “Mayberry” town.  It’s great here except that I now live in an apartment and they frown on ever shooting my recurve and longbows so I know as soon as I started shooting from my chair, I’d get a visit from the FUZZ!

I am trying to find a place that I can shoot my air rifle on any days I want and throw in some archery practice as well.  
I am dead smack in the middle of tens of thousands of acres of prime Ohio farmland.  I have tossed around the idea of asking some of these farm owners if I could go back in a corner or something and be able to shoot my toys in trade for something they might need.  I would be happy to pay for the privilege too.  I have yet to try it though.  It doesn’t seem like the best idea right now with all the lunacy going around.  

SO....I thought I’d ask you all and see if you have any ideas or suggestions where I could shoot or where I could start looking.  If you know of any ways to contact landowners, I’d appreciate some direction on that as well.  Tomorrow I am going to Tractor Supply and Rural King to see if they have one of those old fashioned bulletin boards where I can post what I’m looking for hoping some landowner will see it and get in touch.  

Any other ideas or suggestions?  Do you know anyone in this area that could point me in a good direction?


So, any help you can give on this would be enormously awesome!

thanks for your time. 

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I'll second the link that gingerspop posted, but maybe help focus your search.

Woodbury Shooting Range in Coshocton would be an hour and twenty to the east of you, give or take. Travel time would be the obvious downside, however I can attest to the fact that they've always been very welcoming, have an excellent focus on rules and safety, and a terrific facility. They have measured ranges of 25, 50, 100, and 200 yards, all separated by dirt berms, and a mix of wood and concrete benches under pavilion. They also have a field area for archery, a 3D area for archery, and an area specifically for shotgun. Not sure if it's advertised as being for clays generically, skeet, etc., as I've never used that part myself. Yet. 

Cost is $5 for a day's access, or $25 annually. If you have youths or non-shooters in your company, they are permitted to be on premises for free. All permits are obtained through the website; nothing can be purchased on-site. Although it is promoted as a powder-burner range, I have taken airguns there a number of times. They always garner a lot of curiosity, and have led to a number of conversations with other airgunners. I've never been hassled or questioned for refilling PCPs on the line. Action open, mags/pellets out, and facing downrange. Basic common sense. I've talked with a few shooters from Deleware before, so while it's not to say you cant find something closer to home, it is to say that it must be worth it to those shooters to make the trip.

As far as local farms, it can be hit or miss. My friend used to have a waiver of liability slip printed up to release the owner from any responsibly, and would literally go door to door asking permission to varmint hunt. Some farmers welcomed the free pest control, but even the ones who did not were fairly understanding. Not sure how your request would be received, especially as you said, in the current state of the world. 

Good luck in your journey!   

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Central Ohio Airgunners shoot at the Columbus muzzle loaders club on 665. There are 4 clubs in Ohio that run FT Matches in the summer also. Look us up on Facebook. Good group of guys.