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Where can I get a single shot tray for a FX Cyclone?  


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July 1, 2020 22:20:25  

I just bought a Webley Spectre, which is a FX Cyclone action in a Webley ambidextrous stock.

I would like to buy a single shot tray for it.  Any idea where I could buy one or get a 3 D printing plan for one?  I have friends that could print it for me.

David Enoch

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July 2, 2020 16:04:41  


i know nothing about these rifle but i'm always willing to take a look see and i found nothing 

but i did learn that FX never standardized there mags and updated them to just confuse the issue for me 

improvement is good ???

no single shot trays for non spring tensioned mag guns 

there was someone in the UK that was making them but he has retired long ago 

no help from me 


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July 2, 2020 17:45:16  

Hey Dave,

I have an FX Cyclone and have four 8-shot rotary mags for it.  I also have a Webley Spectre stock for it.

I do not know that FX or anyone else, ever made a single shot tray for that model.  That is why I bought the extra mags for mine.

For what it is worth, I have a GinB right handed stock that would dress up your Spectre if you are interested, but can't help with a single shot tray.