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What stain for old crosmans  


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2020-05-20 09:26:52  

I acquired an old Crosman 140 at a yard sale but it is in rough shape. I want to refinish the stock. Does anyone know what stain was originally used for the guns. I think it is a first variant.



Jim Bentley
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2020-05-20 10:20:57  

I recently refinished an old Crosman 114 and used some water based walnut stain. You need to add the powder in small amounts to hot water to get the correct color, but it really works well.

Bill S.
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2020-05-20 22:38:37  

The stock wood was most likely ash and the grain really pops with a red oak stain or walnut. Tru oil finish makes a nice top coat if you like gloss. Waterlox is a bit more satin and takes longer to build up the depth of finish.