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2020-02-13 11:28:22  

The Javelin got here last Friday morning! I bought this directly from the Umarex website. This is an updated review of or I have on another forum. Hope it helps some of you decide on it it is for you or not.

Packaging and Shipping: Was great and on time. Double boxed and loaded with paper packing to keep the actual rifle box from moving during shipping. While the interior of the product box lacks any foam cushions, the box is made to securely hold everything in place. No issues from me there. Inside the box was the rifle, 3 arrows, the sights, bolt handle, Allen wrench and owners manual. Inside the outer shipping box was another box holding the 6 extra arrows I purchased as well as 2-pack of 88 gram carts.

Fit and finish: It is about what I was expecting for a plastic $170. AR style rifle. The molding process looks pretty good with the exception of the parting line along the entire middle length of the rifle, top and bottom. In one place on the weaver rail, near the rear site, there is a little bit of a mismatch. Nothing that I am going to worry about, but I'm pointing it out. I will remove the parting line with a sharp knife and a jeweler file. There is nothing uncomfortable to my feel, but I tend to have removed the molding flash lines in the past. Why stop now?
The adjustable stock is the big surprise for me. It is comfortable with much lighter parting lines to deal with. And as a bonus, it has a nice rubber insert on the butt. My powder burning AR didn't even come with that. I look at that as a bonus. For me, it helps to keep the stock from slipping off my shoulder. Adjustment is rearward only, but my cheek rests perfectly using the included sites. We'll see later about mounting a scope and if it is still comfortable or not. For now with the peep site, I'm good.

Parts Installation: I installed the sites on the rail. Fiber optic front with a peep rear. The rear is adjustable for windage and elevation. The front is non adjustable. I also installed the bolt handle. It can be installed on either side. I mounted on the left, but might end up back on the right. My thinking is that I don't want to charge the rifle until after I load the arrow. My thought for this was Safety!! I normally shoot a rifle with the bolt on the right side. My thinking was that I would think about cocking with my left hand and that would trigger the thought to Stop & Load the arrow before charging the valve. Would hate to accidentally shoot myself through the hand! It is important to think about this with an arrow rifle. You do not have this issue on a normal pellet rifle or bow for that matter.
Installing the gas cartridge is straightforward. The manual says to place the safety in the safe position and then cock the rifle. Then you simply screw in the cart until it bottoms out. I added a few drops of magic juice to the nipple before I screwed it in. You will hear the gas escape into the valve and then stop flowing. I don't believe I lost any gas at all during the process. Simple.

Now, here is where I was very glad that I had the forethought to remove the arrow from the tube immediately after I tried it for fit. Why you may ask? Well, being that it's 40 degrees outside and I don't have any hay bales yet, I should have waited to charge the gun..... ehhh, that's not me. I'm the guy that just can't wait. So I charged the gun knowing it might be a couple more days before I actually shoot it. The manual says to de-cock the rifle after loading the cartridge and before loading an arrow. To do that, draw the bolt all the way back, hold it back while squeezing the trigger with the safety off, and slowly move the bolt to the forward position. Much like de-cocking a 2240. Made sense to me. So I did that, then I released the trigger and squeezed it again and BANG!!!!! Normally I would hide this screw up from the world but I felt it important to relay it. I have not repeated the process yet, but will once I'm outside. Could I have done something wrong? If I didn't do anything wrong then there is a flaw, but I highly doubt that, so I screwed up somehow. Now you see one way why it is important not to charge the rifle until after the arrow is loaded.

The Arrows: Just under 15" overall length. The outer diameter of the tube is about 316", the inner diameter is about .265" I'll get actual measurements at a later time. My mics are out in the shop. The weight of the tip is 50 grains, the shaft with insert and vanes is 120 grains for a total of 170 grains. I did weigh one complete arrow and it weighed in at 172 grains.
The shaft is made of carbon fiber. The breech end is open. The muzzle end (tip) of the shaft has an aluminum insert that looks to be glued in place. This aluminum insert is counter-bored at the end to align the tip and tapped on the inner end of the insert to screw and hold the tip in place.
The field tip is also aluminum and threaded to secure in place into the shafts insert. It also has what looks to be a #003 o-ring on the locating diameter to keep it seated and in place.
The vanes are made of a thin semi-stiff rubber and glued to the shaft equally spaced 120 degrees from each other. They seem to be flexible enough to withstand some punishment as long as the glue that holds them on does its job.

Next morning:
I just couldn't stop myself from shooting the puppy this morning. I still have not picked up any hay bales yet, but I did have a whole bunch of boxes that I broke down and stacked together. There was 4 layers of extra thick box that a trailer hitch setup came in along with about 10 More layers of standard box thickness. You know the ones I'm talking about. Thick! I put the setup out about 20 yards. Loaded up an arrow and charged the rifle. I looked down the peep and pushed the safety off. I aimed at the center of mass, squeezed the trigger and Blam! A shade low and to the right. Not to bad. I'm not far off and should be able to adjust it in quickly. The PA website gives this rifle a medium noise level. I'm thinking it is high. Very close to a .22LR round.
Now, once again, my impatience made me pay the price. The tip of the arrow passed through all of the layers of cardboard and the vanes went through two layers of thick stuff and stopped in a few more of the normal thickness. Getting it out was a chore and I pretty much ended up destroying the vanes. Hopefully, I can buy replacements. If not, I will replace with something similar. The shaft and tip seem unharmed. Update: I've found some replacement vanes.
You would think having lived 64 years, that I would have learned more patience. Truth is I did wait all of 24 hours to shoot it! 😋 That's pretty good, don't you think?

So far I think this is going to be a lot of fun. Will need dig out the ear plugs. More after I do some serious shooting and put it through some real life use. Also, the aftermarket fittings I have look like they will work so that I can refill the 88 gram carts from my 25lb tank. I fitted everything up without piercing the cart and so far everything looks like a thumbs up. I'll follow up on this when the first cart is empty. I first refilled a 88 gram tank using a friends 25lb tank way back in time when I had my first 2240 converted over to bulk fill using the Archer Air tank block. Note: refilling empty 88 gram tanks is not recommended to be done by Umarex. I believe the risk would be all on you. Like any Co2 tank, they should be inspected to be safe. These are not after its initial first use.

The Trigger: I forgot to mention the trigger. What can I say about it? Single stage, a long and fairly smooth pull, but not to heavy of a pull either. I'll use the gage on it in the future for an exact number. I'm so used to 2-stage triggers, that I'm not going to be the best judge of it. That said, it is not to bad. In fact I think it seems pretty good on this format of rifle. There is a couple of very light creepy spots during the pull, but I have a feeling they will disappear with more use. It is not a target trigger, but then this is a low budget fun shooter and the trigger does not take anything away from the fun of it. More after a good long shooting session.

I personally will not be hunting with the Air Javelin, but the guy in the you tube video said he took down a pig with it. By pig, I assume he meant a wild hog?

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Here is the link for the YouTube video I mentioned;

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I had the FX Verminator Extreme that was a pellet/arrow gun. It did shoot arrows very accurately but it was just too loud for me.

Quiet as a pellet gun. 



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2020-02-13 15:17:40  

buy a lot of bolts and gas

I think the rifle will be cheap compared to it's needs, as a crossbow owner I know all too well

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It was 28 degrees here on Friday, but I could not wait any longer!! I took the Javelin outside, set up the foam block out at 20 yards. I shot 5 arrows resting the forearm on a MTM rifle rest on my bench and shouldering the butt. The foam block was found at Wal-Mart for 15 bucks. Better than hay bales, but I think I will still get a few for a backup stop.

I had adjusted the rear sight a little from my first shot (taken almost a week ago), but it turned out not the be enough. You can see the first arrow hit low right. I held over high left and dropped the next 3 arrows into the red center circle. I'll adjust the site next time out. The last shot hit center low. I wonder if the gas was getting to cold and I lost some velocity or I goofed? Sunday, we are supposed to reach 60 degrees. I hope to shoot more then. The real drawback to this great little shooter is the Co2 power and the cold weather effects.

I'm sure that the pcp version Air Sabre won't be affected by temperature changes and shooting at 450 fps has got to be a fantastic feeling, but it does have only 1/3rd the usable shot count as the Air Javelin. Not an issue if hunting, but would need frequent refills for target shooting. The one thing that always brings me to choose Co2 over pcp's has been ease of use and shot count. I guess living in Florida and now Tennessee helps influence my view, as winters are short and relatively mild overall. A good pony tank might help to even the playing field, but that will come at an additional cost. For those of you that prefer pcp, the Sabre might be for you. I think they are under 400 bucks. That's pretty good value when you compare it to a Benjamin at double the price, but I've never compared specs. Enough of that. I'm not getting paid to sell airguns. Sorry.

All in all, this is going to be a lot of fun once I can shoot without freezing my butt off.
I like it... 😁. So far I'm giving it 4 out of 5 targets 🎯🎯🎯🎯
Go get yourself one if you like to smile big and wide. It will make you feel like a kid again. For me, it is the best $200. bucks I've spent in a long time and makes me want to get a traditional recurve bow all the more. I'll suck at it, but it seems like fun, so I'll set my sites on one and go for it.

Additional info..... I put a 3-9x scope on in place of the rear peep this Saturday morning. I set the target out to as far as I could and then backed up two more yards to give me a total of 25 yards. Two groups of five, ten shots total. Softball sized groups are very possible right now. I bet that will tighten with warmer weather. It was about 55 degrees with a little bit of a breeze. I noticed the shots were dropping at around shot 5. Waiting in between shots did not help. This is a Co2 gun after all, so that is to be expected. I think I will swap back to the peep rear site. It really is a good match for this rifle.


Pics are at 20 yards. And yes, it is Loud!

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You could leave off the bottle cover and tape a hand warmer packet to the bottle.  Regards, Tom

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Posted by: @tkerrigan

You could leave off the bottle cover and tape a hand warmer packet to the bottle.  Regards, Tom

Thanks, I might just try that.