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Tomahawk let's shoot and build  


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July 28, 2020 16:36:03  

A couple videos of the .20 caliber Tomahawk. First  time out with Custom Tomahawk built by Mike Ellingsworth. LETS SHOOT!

And the build video by Mike Ellingsworth

The gun has some power crony at  860 fps. Not a surprise it being over sized cylinders bore with a custom piston seal, spring and guide. Mike polished and adjusted the trigger. Which is very light. I will probably make it just a tiny heavier. Along with the soft bedding this gun has a buttery smooth firing cycle. You would not think theres a spring inside. It will only get better after a few hundred more pellets are put through  it. This rifle is a absolute joy to shoot. Definitely a keeper. 

Mike Ellingsworth did a fantastic job on this. With the care he takes on each project he is a top tuner and airgunsmith. Not only able to tune but also build one of a kind custom gun.