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The New Benjamin Craftsman Line: Akela, Cayden, Kratos

Baker Airguns Donnie
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I've got a fresh, new overview video up on the new Benjamin Craftsman line of airguns. The Akela, the Cayden, and the Kratos. All comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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Nice overview Donnie. I want to know when Benjamin/Crosman are going to pay due homage to the .20 with some of these new offerings. Trim the fat and ugly off of the Kratos offer it in .20 and I am in.



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Anyone try one of these yet. I would forgo a .20 for a .22 in one of these. Big and heavy but with a insane shot count. Come on Crosman it is time for a Sheridan Superduty? And to sweeten the pot in .20.

    350 .25


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New member here, found this site by searching for info on this line. I am the proud owner of Kratos #000383.

Out of my 30+ air rifles this is my current favorite.

It is almost as accurate as my FWB-300S, Hits harder FPE than my AA S400SL, and is lighter than my HW98.

I have fitted it with an Allen padded sling and a Discovery VT-2 6-24X44 scope.

Wile it may be termed "heavy" it's weight is pretty well at the middle because when it first arrived I was actually surprised how light and balanced it felt.

I have gotten over 500 shots on a single fill (on the lowest power setting) before POI started to drop with H&N Sport wadcutters!

If you are on the fence... DO IT!!!

IMG 20200818 184806679 resize 74


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Just got my Akela and wow it looks like a Wildcat/Dream pup! Just looks like the wood is rather plain kinda dry looking probably needs oiling up. First impression WOW!

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I got to hold all three of these guns when I went into AOA in Arizona. Kip said they were selling like crazy. Their machining is a bit rough around the edges on the internals, but they are solidly built. Expect the usual non-Hatsan Turkish quality.

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Sorry to bump this older thread, my first post here. (I've read a lot but never posted)

I got my .22 Kratos last summer and have been enjoying it for almost a year now. It's been fantastic. The Benjamin quality control appears to be superior to what I expect from turkey. I can't believe the shots per fill. Lever is smooth, and trigger is really very good for this price range. I feel like these rifles are clearly some of the best bang for your buck. I was more attracted to the Cayden's classic rifle looks, but I could not ignore the Kratos' big bottle. I like this rifle so much I could easily see adding the Cayden at some point.


I've been seeing a few Kratos with a modded 580 carbon fiber bottle. I've been considering it for more hots and weight reduction in one mod.

Lastly, I added a DonnyFL tanto suppressor, and the already quiet Kratos became whisper quiet. Now the sound of target impact is much louder than the rifle itself. The Tanto is one of the smallest available, you barely notice it one the rifle, its more flash hider sized.