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Testing the Daystate MCH-6 compressor  


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February 16, 2020 16:31:26  

I wanted a separate home fill for a vacation home where I end up doing a fair amount of shooting. I also have family that are airgunners and visit in the summer. I had been shuttling tanks back and forth from my home. I found this Daystate with less than 2 hours in a local classified. Guy decided he was not into the the hobby. Just missed getting his Impact for a great price. 😟

I could have sworn I had a 220v outlet in the garage, I was wrong. So it's been sitting for a month. Decided this weekend would be a good one to wire in an outlet and see if it works. Not a lot of space in the breaker box. I found a Square D breaker that has a 30 amp center breaker and a 20 amp on each end that fits in the space of a single two pull breaker. Got it all in and the breaker wouldn't snap down. Turns out the power tabs are longer than the space in the new breaker. Grrr. I'm an hour from anyplace that might have what I need. It did push it on enough to try it, leaves the breaker at an angle. I'm no electrician, I turned the main to the house off to wire it in. Homie don't need no cardiac. 😲 


Daystate c


I'd already got a QR from Joe Brancato to replace the factory DIN hose end.

Daystate b

This one has the auto shut off. I put a tank on it to try it out. It worked great.


I wonder if the previous owner had ever bled out the moisture valve? I did and it blew shit all over. I'll get a hose for it when I'm closer to civilization. I didn't want it run it long because there was a light snow and I figure the humidity was way high.


I think it's a bit quieter than my Bauer Junior II. Like I said I didn't want to run it long so I turned down the auto stop pressure to just test a tank top off. Not fair to compare with the short run but it appeared to fill at a similar speed to the Bauer.


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September 15, 2020 14:15:26  

What gauge wire did you use and did you need to add an inverter to not risk damage to the house wiring nor wrecking that Coltri during startup?

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September 15, 2020 22:04:15  


Gauge??? What ever the Home Depot guy suggested for a 220. I don't recall. I did go a little lighter duty on the extension cord because the heavy stuff was just too rigid. I used the same one on my Plasma Cutter so far with no issues.

Inverter? What? Never heard of a need before your question. A licensed electrician did my home set up and never mentioned a need for an inverter. Neither compressor has ever sounded like a struggle to start or dimmed lighting or anything.