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Spika cleaning kit  


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July 25, 2018 16:01:25  

Bought one from Amazon . It is a 177 & 22 . Used the 177 on my choked Challenger barrel and the bronze brush was tight but I did get to pull out as well . The pointed jag worked as well .The Hoppie brush would not start in the barrel . And the hoppie jag was to large to enter the barrel with a patch nor would the Gamo . Although the Gamo nylon brush would enter the barrel . So I am happy with the kit . I had these results with Hoppie and Gamo on all my choked barrels . I scope the barrel and have a clean barrel now . It is a LW barrel . The first I have seen that has wide and narrow lands alternating . Marvin

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July 25, 2018 17:41:26  

This is my setup to clean every airgun I own from .177 to .25.  Bought these items from Graf and Sons way back in the day when they had the largest selection at the best prices (90's).  I've now cross referenced them against Amazon, and amazon has surpassed them:

1.  I have the 26", but you can order up to 36".  It's nylon coated so it will not damage the barrel.

2.  Patch holder.  With some ingenuity you can fit patches up to .25 in this holder.  In fact I've never needed to use anything else:

3.  I still use Beeman's cleaner/degreaser and MP5 oil.  They are both discontinued, but I'm sure there are superior products on the market today.

4.  Buy patches in bulk.  You can now buy them cheaper at amazon:

That's all I've ever used to clean my airguns.  No need for jags and brushes.  The barrels come out as mirrors after cleaning.  Also use Krytech with pellets to reduce fouling.

Before purchasing the Dewey rod, I did use a three piece Beeman cleaning rod.  After a number of times using it, the sections would flare out, sometimes hitting the bore.  Bought a one piece and never looked back.