shooting my neglect...
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shooting my neglected springers today,I caught myself checking  


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2020-03-30 19:43:30  

to see if I was getting low on air....da.HW97,black thumb hole stock,heavy,sure is accurate,oh.22,then my English Webley Tomahawk also,22,my this a 'Rifle: no bull...the thing Kicks,cracks me up,I love it!!I got a JM kit in it to lower the power, still kicks like a powder is more fussy than the HW springers,more fun to,it reminds of the RWS 48,52,,power wise....then up next is the HW50s.177,when I got it I did not like it that much,now that I have tins of pellets through it I like it a lot,accurate,nice trigger...

   After shooting those springers I went to the cheaper ones,first thing you notice is how crude the cocking feels....the triggers were alright and they were accurate enough to be fun....I will never buy another cheap one,they do have their place and I do have too many of them..

   I have some more "quality springers"....but they can wait  their I got a lot more time to shoot now.

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2020-03-30 21:12:48  

That was a nice report--thanks!

A lot of us are being forced to stay in and far away from others, due to circumstances beyond our control. That can actually be a useful opportunity. It can allow us time to get re-acquainted with some of the guns that we haven't shot in a while, whether strictly-compressed-air-powered, or spring-powered.

As for you, I'm happy to hear that you haven't left your spring-powered guns just gathering dust, or rusting in a closet somewhere. They really are good-enough to be worthy of attention in a lot of cases.

And, for those who count on others for their supply of compressed air, it doesn't mean they can't shoot anything at all. "Springers and free air"--those words might mean more now than ever for the foreseeable near future.

Let's not forget the same rust prohibitive treatment and other storage preparations for the bottle guns. That way they'll be there, and one hundred percent ready to go when the right time comes.

Jim in SWMO
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2020-03-30 23:50:37  

Sounds like a fun day, Jesse. We could all use a day like that now & then, especially in these times. And I'm right there with you on the HW50S. I really like mine, too. Like yours, mine is a .177 and it's an accurate little shooter with enough juice to hunt or pest if wanted.

Have fun with your next round of springer shootin' and stay safe from this bug that's out there.

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2020-04-01 22:51:14  

I was trying to cock my bolt action .22lr by the barrel the other day.

Opps... grabbed thew wrong gun!

Pesky squirrels been eating my quarantine fruit!

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2020-04-02 18:14:59  

I agree. The original European brands are the best in every aspect. When I see the Chinese dragging the Beeman name behind them, I could almost hurl. 

Posted by: @gratewhitehuntr

I was trying to cock my bolt action .22lr by the barrel the other day.

Opps... grabbed thew wrong gun!

Pesky squirrels been eating my quarantine fruit!

That's funny as hell...'cause I've done it too.