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Scope Recommendations for AirVenturi Avenger

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Can someone recommend a scope for the AirVenturi Avenger that is good for 25 - 100 yards and under $200?

I'm getting too old guys and my eye sight ain't what it used to be!  I love using dot sights on my Crosmans for 10m targets, but I think I could benefit from magnification for farther distances.  I think that means a scope.

In poking around the web, I see scopes from $40 to $200 and even higher prices that make me gag.  It does look like you get what you pay for.  But what will meet my needs for targets at the range and maybe some silhouettes ?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

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Well, if you do like dot sights you could consider getting a red dot magnifier. They come anywhere from 2-7x (think there was even a 9x at one point) and range from $60-200. Some have fancy flip mounts so that you can choose whether or not to use them for distance.

That being said that I like prism sights, which can end up being similar to having a magnified red dot in 2-5x (there are some weird reticle variations out there though so make sure you get what you are after). I like my Monstrum Tactical one which has a 3MOA circle-dot. When you get into other scopes you have a massive number to choose from anywhere in the $15-200 range.

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Try the bugbuster, is cheap, lightweight. and very clear optics, I have one mounted on my Avenger 22