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Quick look at a .30 cal URAGAN KING + Channel Updates (Airgun Channel)

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Hey guys! This video is an introduction to the Airgun Technology URAGAN KING. It's just a quick look at my friend's .30 cal King model. Not a review! ..The rest of this 20 minute video is just a tour of Airgun Channel studios, and me rambling on about: the Wolverine Super Grade, my new and old Drozd Blackbirds and 4000RPM Sergy Boards, Scopes including the HAWKE Sidewinder, Aztec Emerald FFP, and ATN 4K Night Vision scope, an Antique Targets haul, and some Coyotes that tried to eat my cat. …just a warning…. some of you may find the subjects interesting. If not please leave a thumbs down on the video! Thanks for watching! -Nate. 

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