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POS Thieves Still Exist Among Our Ranks

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I recently sold one of my air rifles to a fellow in Albuquerque. He sent me a postal money order and asked me to let him know when I received it. I did. I shipped the rifle to him and is my routine, I tracked the shipment to his front door. He wanted to buy another rifle from a POS in Illinois. He also asked that seller to let him know when the money order arrived. He was not told and the money order was cashed. He tried to call the POS and discovered the phone was dis-connected. Yes, he could file a claim with the Post Office and start legal proceedings as it is mail fraud and could result in a lengthy time behind bars if the POS is found guilty. Of course the investigators are the US Postal inspectors and they hardly ever inspect or investigate anything. I have another friend who does some air rifle tuning as a sideline. He is a world class shooter and when not shooting runs his own heating and air conditioning company. A shooter in southern California sent him two TX200 rifles to be tuned. They apparently were delivered and just as quickly stolen. I suspect another delivery driver as he lives on his own ranch in the sticks. (Yes, in California.) This is not acceptable. We should all be on the lookout for any un-seasoned shooters who all of a sudden show up with an adult sized air rifle with no apparent clue on how to use them..

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well stop using postal money orders 

if i saw a gun that was almost free i wouldn't send one 

deal with people that use Pay Pal and if you don't like Pay Pal for this reason or that, well keep losing money 

and if you do use Pay Pal don't send it as friend and family, you will have no protection through Pay Pal 

so do you think there won't be people stealing from people ever in the future, will that is fantasy 

and even if the person wants a money order, ask and see if he has a PP account and if you don't know him just walk away if he doesn't 

just this week i was trying to buy a pair of grips from Spain and i could not complete the transaction and emailed them and he opened a PP account so US buyers could get better service 




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    Can you give names of the POS people? Hell I primarily use USPMO’s. I don’t want to get burned either. I have PayPal but am little Leary with that as well / PayPal isn’t 100% fail safe either. I’ve read few people get burned by that as well. ( on another Airgun forum there’s few members that got burned using Pay Pal as well.) 

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Last I heard PayPal will not back anyone up if using their service to purchase guns of any type. I have not checked on the policy lately but last time I did, it was right within their guidelines...

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I can verify the PP and guns issue.

TL;DR it's worse than you think, the best thieves have banks, or courthouses, or are banks who own courthouses.


A couple months ago, while dumping ammo on Gunbroker, I decided to dump an AR10 at the same time.

GB had a list of CC processors, I selected "Stripe Inc" from their list. Why not? 'Mericans love their CCs!

Stripe flagged my account on the 2nd transaction,  they held the money for several weeks, until I found their registered agent in FL, and began the small claims process. Their TOS are plain as the nose on my face, "legal in the jurisdiction the goods originate, and legal in the buyer's jurisdiction."

They were CONVINCED that illegal in California, means illegal everywhere.


The same day the Stripe account was locked, my PP account was locked, they also decided to hold the money.

PP (via phone) provided no reason, only that I was a "security risk" and when asked directly what course of action I had they replied "Subpoena the records if you REALLY want to know, and take your business elsewhere."

PP actively solicited disputes against me by flagging EVERY TRANSACTION in the last 6 months, asking the buyer if they'd like to dispute the transaction.That was around $25K, over six months.
As a response, I reported ALL CCs used through PP as LOST, but PP had the new card #s before they even showed up in my own bank accounts. I locked the cards, and closed ONE OF the checking account associated, a 20yo account at communist BOA.
The other was left empty, waiting for a PP payout.
Incredible flustercluck and $$$$ floating in limbo.

My PP account was eventually permanently locked, and they did FINALLY cough up the $2k++, months later.

I closed that checking, soon as I could get the funds out.

There are MANY MANY reports online of PP holding funds, with the promise to release in 6mos, only to turn around and charge the account holder (up to) $2500 PER VIOLATION OF TOS.


I did contact Comenity Bank, issuer of the PP CC, and made it clear that by throwing their lot in with the cancel culture warriors, they'd permanently lost my business. Done datta. Furgeddaboudit!


Oh, names! These two have been demoted to trashpanda status, along with the rest who insist on generating bad blood, for no good reason.

Damn shame I won't be able to make it to Cali for Opening Day of the Coastal Turkey Shoot.

Dan Schulman, Paypal

Dan Schulman 
Patrick Collison, Stripe Inc.
Patrick Collison
EDIT, Zelle has "NO GUNS" in TOS, and Venmo is PP under another name.
I don't know about other services, but you should expect ALL of them to mine data, and they'll be well aware of your activities.

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Hey, if your A/C pal is the same guy who makes some VERY cool custom guns, tell him Red says hi next time you see him. I miss his occasional posts and creations.

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I really try to buy and sell with air gunners I know! There is no payment that is 100% ! It’s more about the person rather than type of payment! I have posted Sold just to stop scammers from contacting me ! Just saying how things are now a days ! I don’t post on American Airguns Classifieds, way to many scammers ! 

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Yes, use Paypal.  I bought an FX barrel kit from this guy and paid thru Paypal.  Product never arrived despite his email saying it was shipped.  He never did give me a tracking number despite my requests.  Paypal investigated and I got my money back.  USPS has degenerated to next to worthless.