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Pellet talk  


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2020-05-10 01:22:25  

i need to buy a caliper again. I’m going to start pellet testing barrels by head diameter to look for trends. Today I shot JSB exacts all over the place. It was ugly.  The tin claims 4.5 but everywhere I find online claims they’re 4.52.  Then my JSB RS were tight which I have in a custom tin so I have no idea.  Besides weight there is a supposed .02 diameter difference? My FTTs at 4.50 we’re spot on. 

I think I might buy HN FTTs in 4.5 4.51 and 4.52. 

Has anyone noticed any trends? Barrel brand or twist rate favoring a certain pellet?  I’m sure it’s all specific to the exact set up you’re using. But I’ve always found JSB RS pellets to shoot good in everything I’ve had 177 and 22. 

Also what’s everyone’s method on getting the same seating depth on springers every time? I used to have a little homemade device. Today I had to use an Allen wrench...

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2020-05-10 07:57:58  

Try buying a Pelletgage to sort different head sizes and determine which one is best for your rifle.

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2020-05-10 17:43:42  

Just seat with your thumb. The pellet should not be pushed in past just flush on a springer.

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2020-05-11 16:16:12  

Have you ever considered lead free?  I use Predator GTOs - both domed and wadcutters.  I find them to be exceptionally accurate in all my .177 machines.  I am not a competition shooter, so I have never mic'ed my ammo.  But from the bench rest, I consistently get same hole hits, time after time, from pellets right out of the tins.  I've shot thousands of these and never had any problems.   The wadcutters are so nicely formed they look machined.  Now, I could see the need for extreme vetting of pellets if, for example, you are shooting in the Olympics! 😀 

If you search Pyramyd, you can find a pellet called Journey.  They are exactly the same as the Predator GTO wadcutters but they sell for $0.04/pellet in bulk.

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2020-05-19 07:43:29  

I highly recommend the Pelletgage... bought one last year when I was getting erratic results with my .177 FWB124 after installing a new ProMac kit in it, shooting some Crosman Premier 7.9gr pellets that I had (several boxes stored away)... I weeded out the small head sized ones to select the ones to shoot, and the erraticness disappeared, and the velocity was way more consistent... made me a believer in the device !

I sometimes use a pellet seating tool, depending on the air rifle, but usually just use the my thumb to push the pellet in flush.

I had an old model RWS 45 in .177 that had a slanted breach block, and I found that using a pellet seating tool gave me more consistent shots because the pellet skirt would not seat evenly by thumb... I gave that air rifle to my younger brother, along with a homemade seating tool, and explained why I used it.

Pellet Seater Skirt Tool