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Only 3 rifles and 1 pistol allowed

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Ok, here’s the deal:

With so many folks owning a long list of airguns, I’m wondering which ones you would keep- if you could only keep 3 rifles and one pistol? Blasphemy you say? Let’s say the “big one” has dropped and you can only carry these because any more would be too much weight…or whatever scenario you can think of.

In terms of “useful tools” (hunting and/or target), or if you are mostly interested in “collecting”, then lists those for that reason please. I’m a springer guy with only three rifles and 1 pistol presently. I have owned many others at one time or another. I presently have an RWS 54 .177 with a 3-9x52 Tasco, circa '95 or ’96 that I bought new from Gander Mountain, an R7, HW50s (not much trigger time yet at all) and a P1. I don’t care too much for the 54 anymore…too heavy and blocky. I would probably change out the R7 and definitely the 54. I have a couple dream guns in mind but I cannot list those because I have not owned them.

If you have PCP (‘s) that you prefer, please list those.

Remember, only 3 rifles and 1 pistol. I only ask because I’m interested in a consensus of what you guys absolutely value the most. I’m thinking that there will be some than cannot answer this question and that’s ok LOL. I understand completely that this is a broad and subjective consensus. If you can answer the question, I’ll take those guns that you chose not to keep.


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Seneca Aspen .22

AirVenturi Avenger .25

Hatsan Flash .22


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