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November 14, 2020 13:02:12  

Is Tim still doing business, and if so, what is a good e-mail for him?

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November 14, 2020 13:16:32

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November 14, 2020 14:04:17  

Among my airguns, I own a Mac-1 LD pistol and a "Steroid" Benjamin.  About 2000 or so (has it been that long?), my job took me to a multi-day consulting gig in LA and I had the pleasure of visiting Tim's shop.  We talked airguns for a bit and he gave me a tour of his workshop - very nice set up.  I even shot Lou Ferrigno's LD pistol - which was in final testing at the time - what a trigger!  

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November 14, 2020 16:43:04  

Tim is top notch, and the absolute best when it comes to Sheridan airguns.  Frankly, I'm a little surprised this thread is still alive, given the ugly history between Mac-1 and the current forum owner.  Some of us still remember.

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November 14, 2020 22:48:17  


That was a few years ago.

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November 14, 2020 23:35:31  

Any mention on the yellow or network54 of Timmy Mac were deleted for years after Steve took over after Jame's passing.  It was a lot longer than a few years.  I'd say about 14 - 15 years.  Tim tried invoking a hostile takeover of the forum.  That nasty voice message to Steve from Tim was posted for all to see. 

I was banned during that time for goofing on particular tuners.  People wanted to fight me.  I started a blog so I couldn't be silenced.  Steve and I made up, then I could post again.  It was awesome.  In the end, I was the victor as my revelations were true.

Tim and LD left the forums after that.  Who could forget LD's "anything goes" forum with exclusive membership and egos galore?  Everything was secretive, even cataloging that forum, and distributing the knowledge at the end was something you wouldn't dare talk about.  That was such a weird club.

My favorite was network 54's diamond forum.  One guy really wanted to give me a piece of his mind, so I used his email address in my profile so he could keep talking to himself.  This infuriated him, and the next thing I know IP's were added to the postings.  Those were the good old days, that is for sure.     

Then of course we had James Maccari with those combative email posts between him and customers on his website for years, entertaining countless airgunners around the world. 

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November 15, 2020 00:27:41  


You are least 12 years for me as I did not meet Tim & LD until 2008.

Jim Bentley
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November 15, 2020 14:02:37  

Tim is a  bit odd, but he knows a lot. LD is a very intelligent and talented guy, but doesn't suffer fools very well. Once you talk to him he's  much different than his online personality (like most all of us, especially Sonny).

LD took on a project for me to turn an Anschutz 2002 CA into a 19 ft/lb gun. He out did for very little money, just to prove he could do it. Over 40 shots low pressure and his 10 shot 51 yard indoor target was one hole! My favorite bench rest shooter!!

JM is the salt of the earth, willing to share knowledge and like LD a straight shooter!!

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November 15, 2020 19:01:37  

Talked to Tim yesterday. He is still in the game.



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November 15, 2020 22:40:07  

Good to hear, my steroid DanC has done well over the years, and I also enjoyed and learned from my few stops by the shop. Met LD as well and I must not have been too foolish that day. I think the dog was Kali? No good gun shop complete without a mascot and she was a good one,

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November 18, 2020 18:42:36  

  I like them all,meet two of them at an air gun swap meet,the other I used to call uncle.

  Some people are ignorant because they choose to be,they want everything done for them,they are a pain because they take and do not give back and a bigger pain when they don't get the reason why they are being opinion,you can ignore it,LOL.

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November 19, 2020 09:08:03  

I have a bunch of Tim's guns.

  1. USFT Hunter - first generation that is canted for a lefty.  I love it.
  2. Crosman Mk2 LD with one of Tim's fully shrouded 22 cal barrel.  It also has a wire stock made by Mike Reams.
  3. QB22 - one of the very first QB's that Tim imported and hand rebuilt.  Tim says that my rifle was one of the ones that was sent out to prominent airgun writers of the time.  At a later time, CJ (Remember that QB tuner from Oklahoma) re-barrelled it for someone with what Tim says is the only full length match barrel that Tim had shrouded by Venom.  It made the gun too long, but, adding that much length makes it a 20 fpe rifle.  My brother, Bryan, calls it my goose gun.
  4. Ted Williams Crosman 180.  Tim milled a match barrel into a one piece barrelled  action.  I love to shoot this gun on half cock.  The pellets loop in slowly but once sited in those loopy pellets really stack up.  On half cock, it seems like it will shoot forever.
  5. The last is another QB with one of Tim's Venom shrouded barrels.  I am not sure if this was a match barrel that was shrouded or a QB barrel that was shrouded.  Tim says he did both.

I would like to find someone who would really appreciate Tim's guns that would buy the QBs and maybe the 180.  I don't know if you guys feel like this but custom guns need to go to someone who appreciates the guns for what they are, not just their performance.

David Enoch


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November 28, 2020 19:45:53  

ya i have a mac1 LD from him as well, back when it was all shrouded sucker sounds like its running out of air But the Squirrels&Crows would say it works fine, if they were alive that is 😋