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Looking For Updates...  


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2020-03-23 20:06:04  

Been away for a few years... Old Yellow was active at the time, bullpups were the newest rage and ag hunting was my passion.

I haven't hunted for 3 or 4 seasons, my AG's have been dust gathering, I've gotten into handguns in a big way and I don't think I am a fan of bullpups; in fact, I think that I am going to sell my Vulcan.

1. I see that some suppliers have disappeared & new ones are out there. Without talking good or bad about them, who are the main players besides PA, AoA, & Straight Shooters?

2. I think after selling or trading my Vulcan; I will be chasing an AA S510 and an Evol .22

Anyone out there with an Evol .22? (any and all info appreciated)

3. My Airhog Tank is expired by now, Hill pump is lost; Tell me about the Nomad II, please?


It's time to get back in the game!!!


Keep On Blastin'

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2020-03-23 21:26:38  

They always come back. 😉 😊 


I have to give a shout out for Utah Airguns. Really good people to work with.


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2020-03-24 14:04:13  

I hear good things about SPAW. Both Utah Airguns and Ken at SPAW are spoken of highly.

PA should soon receive the new Hill compressor which looks like a quality piece. My Airhog will soon expire. And when it does, I will invest in the Hill if it comes available along with a small cf tank.



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