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Is anyone making mid-caliber wadcutters?  


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2020-04-27 16:53:49  

like .25 and .30 caliber pellets??  


I've always been a fan of a wadcutter for pest control.  I have a couple .25 cal springers and gas rams and one .30 gas ram rifle.  I'd like a wadcutter option.  


None of the searches I do show any current stock.  There were only a few options initially anyway.  Any help??

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Jim Bentley
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2020-04-27 17:08:36  

Now that's a question that I never would have expected!

Most large caliber shooters are interested in long range where, if I understand correctly, you want to use yours at shorter range?

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2020-04-27 17:40:05  

I remember H&N used to make a wadcutter, but don't know how long they have been out of production:

You must want a loud smack when you hit the pest.

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2020-04-27 19:07:24  

I asked this question a short while back.

It's been a few years since I legally hunted bullfrogs from a john boat in KY. At that time I had an old RWS 34 .22. Wadcutters helped take that final death hop out of them before losing them to the water. The contact was clearly louder than with domes.

I have an urge to revisit those hunts and would like to get something in .25 and I have no doubt that a .25 pill would be perfect -but it seems like there isn't a single choice.

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2020-04-27 20:32:53  

I am pretty sure I still have few tins of .25 caliber H&N 21.14 grain wadcutters at my shootin' cabin, but I won't be there for at least several weeks thanks to this virus issue. Feel free to PM me and we can go from there.

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2020-04-27 23:20:08  

Probably the closest thing you will find to wadcutter  are these.

PY P 1332 Predator Polymag 30 Cal 1493754738


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2020-04-28 02:12:14  

I can also remember the loud "SLAP!" these .25 wadcutters made when hitting targets and varmints. Very clean, very little dust/residue and easy to load.

Tim Ward
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2020-04-28 08:16:33  

Pyramid doesn't carry any.

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2020-04-28 21:10:21  

I too love a wadcutter for pesting.  In .177 cal I've found quite a few that will hold sub dime-sized groups out to 30 - 40 yards and they are absolutely devastating on squirrels, chipmunks, etc.  For example, the RWS Supermags have even held up nicely everywhere from the mid 500s...

25 yards from a PP700S-A pistol (6.5fpe / 560fps)

...all the way up to the mid 900s.  30 yards from a QB79 HPA conversion  - bottom group labeled "RWS SM". I never would have believed it without seeing it 

Unfortunately I've had no such luck in .22 cal across a variety of rifles, even with premium wadcutters like the Meisterkugelns.

In .25 cal, the only option I've seen is to cast them yourself

One of the guys on GTA speaks highly of the wadcutter mold.


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2020-04-30 02:01:14  

For YEARS and years shot the RWS HOBBY wad cutters at pests.  Flying FRYING Pans was my typical statement.

In .25 cal H&N Crow Magnums are a wadcutter with a dish head .... lets say steroids !!