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HW-97 Millennium Edition  

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June 20, 2020 21:12:14  

Anybody remember these?  Bought this special edition along with the R-9 blue laminate as a set from Straightshooters when they were available.  R-9 is in storage somewhere.  Dropped a JM tune kit in it 15 years ago, shot it 10 times, then put it away.  Scope is an SS-3 with professional scope stop.  Even has a trigger shoe.  Wonder how many were manufactured.

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July 1, 2020 12:52:58  

Q: WHERE best to tranfer this review ?

Another post would seem obvious. Guns like that would surely impress neighbors and squirrels alike.

Back to the original post: Sonny, what serial number is that 97? I'm surprised that professional stop fits under the SS3 without making contact with the tube.

IMO, the HW77K with the Goudy stock was and is the sexiest looking springer ever made. One of these days I plan to get my hands on a fine example.

Posted by: @limbshaker

Follow this link to see a brand new one, with specs of barrel lengths. Also some interesting stock/actions that aren't available in the states. This place ships to the USA, btw, but be careful cause most of the guns are F class or 6fpe power. 


I tried very recently to buy an HW57 from them and I was promptly told that they do not sell to the U.S.


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