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Gamo Recon Whisper ! With Scope ,WOW  


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2020-03-23 20:50:56  

Just decided to mount a Hammers 3-9x32 AO scope W/ 1 piece mount ! Shooting outside at 42 feet hitting everything in sight ! Yes Wine Corks that are cut in half and all Steel targets have no chance ! Bought 2 NIB and 4 that were Refurburished ! On Paper all shots in a Clover ! didn't expect this from a Cheap Gamo Youth Rifle ! Quiet,Lightweight, easy to cock,and very Accurate ! Will be keeping this one for my Wife and Myself !Not working and will have more time to Shoot indoors and Outdoors ! Keep Safe Air Gunners !

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2020-03-24 13:46:46  

Not all rifles have to be expensive to be good.


Happy shooting