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FX Impact w/power plenum  


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March 18, 2020 17:31:00  

I've been waiting to put the factory "Power Plenum" upgrage on my gen one and MKII Impacts. They're hard to come by. I begged one out of the dealer and let my son have it. I know Father of the year, again. 😉 😀 They did have new guns available so when we went to pick up his upgraded Impact I bought a new one. Put a few farkles on it too. Sabor Tactical butt stock and ambidextrous cocking kit. I went with a Athlon 8-34X56 scope and Eagle Vision adjustable rings. 

Time to try it out. One weird problem. I was woken by an earthquake this morning. Like enough shit isn't going on in the world. 🙄 I thought it might be enough to damage the indoor 100 yard shooting tunnels. I called the range and they said all was well so off I went.

Impact c
Impact d

10 shot at 100 yards.

Impact a

This was surprising to me. I wanted to try it without the Donny FL moderator. Almost a 3 inch POI difference with it off.


These little dots are just smaller than a dime. 

Impact b

Of course I forgot my chrony. I think the dealer said it was set up shooting around 870fps w/44gr JSB's.

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