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FX Impact M3 first impression

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I'm an admitted Impact fan boy. This is number 5. I just picked it up today. So I haven't been able to field test it. The things I noticed and liked is the shorter throw cocking. Very smooth and easy to switch sides of the cocking arm. I forgot to weigh it but it feels lighter. I went for the Sniper model that has the 700mm barrel and 580cc bottle. The included moderator does a great job so I didn't opt to put a Donny FL on it. This one is a.25 set up to shoot JSB MKII 34 gr pellets. 

The M3's are a dual regulated gun. The shop set the first reg off the bottle at 150 bar. The rear reg is at just under 100 bar. So many subtle changes over the MKII. Hammer spring can be adjusted without a allen wrench. Power wheel is much more incremental in adjustment. Plenum has 25% more volume.

I had not cleaned the barrel or anything. Just sighted it in at 28 yards and wanted to see what it would do. Was not disappointed.

28 yards.

M3 c

Took it out to 50 yards. The wind had come up some. Not terrible.

M3 b

I also tried some FX Hybrid slug/pellets and they shot well too.

Here is the chrony reading.

M3 d

I think the shot count will be really impressive. I started at 230 bar and after two 28 shot magazines it was here.

M3 e