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Fx Impact .22 2018 VS 2020. Some help needed.  


Captain Air
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2020-03-29 16:19:29  

Hi folks how are you . I hope all is well these crappy days. 

To cheer up I thought I would buy one of my dream guns. I have my gorgeous Daystate Huntsman in .22cal. Now I have an opportunity to finally own one FX Impact used 2 years old or just wait for a new one 2020 . He has a new 600mm X barrel but that's it. Is there any other difference between the 2 like maybe larger valving to shoot slugs better idk. If someone can help me out because I tried all the you tube videos but they still don't say it plainly . Thanks folks ,

Captain Air I'm at italodimichele67@gmail.com or 437-224-4134 cell 


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2020-03-29 22:41:35  

I'd call Utah Airguns for the full difference in all models of Impact.


I have the Gen 1, MKII and the new power plenum model. I would have been happy to just updated the older ones with the new Power Plenum. Just that the upgrade kit is very hard to get right now. I talked them out of one but gave it to my son. The new upgrade replaces most of the internals so in theory a Gen I would be as good as the newest model. 

Personally I'd go for the Power Plenum model. The advantages of higher shot count, due to running lower reg pressure and the ability to get more umph if you want it just make it worth getting. Figure adding $300+ to a used gun to get the Power Plenum added when available and the numbers are not that far apart cost wise.

Gauges have been upgraded in the new models too. Also come with the high capacity magazines. Love the large magazines. Silver color is no longer an option. Bronze, black and all kinds of custom dipping available through Utah Airguns.