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First hours with the Avenger  


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July 23, 2020 20:09:36  

I found a quarter inch hole-maker waiting for me when I got home today!

It arrived with about 1000psi in it, but I emptied the tank and bottomed out the reg. I added 300psi via tank to seal the valves, then connected it the a Hill three stage pump and got to work. It took me 300 pump strokes, give or take, to achieve 300BAR. It was a workout, but the smaller cylinder volume made it survivable.

I set my reg to 2000psi and hammer spring to fully out position. It was sending 30.86gr pellets down range around 820FPS. I want to work around a 32ft/lb power setting because reasons, so that was a little hot. Long story short, ~1250psi and one half turn from fully out on the spring gave me 693-694fps with consistency. This is by no means professional advise or a suggestion for anyone but myself, however adjusting the regulator down in 1/8 turn increments and discharging the gun between small adjustments maintains a small pressure differential, and had no ill effects on the regulator. Again, totally anecdotal. Not a recommendation. Follow manufacturers guidelines. And all that good stuff.

It's a one hole gun at 10yrds, so I'll leave my notes on accuracy at that. Long range will have to wait for another day.

The hole behind the forward picatinny rail does not allow the use of a Harris style bipod without modification. There is neither enough clearance around the hole, nor enough thickness to accommodate the little gripping studs. 

Overall feel is cheap and plastic, but lightweight and durable. It reminds me of a power tool in a sense. It reminds me of certain shotguns where the diminutive weight versus the total size make it feel even more light and maneuverable than it should.  

The trigger is odd. The pull is smooth and reasonably light, but the bow in the trigger shoe, plus the ergonomics of the grip-to-trigger relationship, plus the fact that it moves in a pronounced arc, make it somewhat awkward and uncomfortable. I will probably modify the curve of the trigger or replace it altogether.

It is a snappy little thing. Even tuned down to 33ft/lbs, it makes quite a bit more noise than a .22 at the same power level. The cavity on mine measures 2.82 deep by .908in diameter if anyone finds that information interesting..   

Overall I am not disappointed in the least. I am looking forward to doing the accuracy and pellet testing portion, but for now it has already been a ton of fun. Hope to hear others' thoughts soon as well!

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July 24, 2020 00:30:50  

Nice! Got any pics to share with  us ?

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July 31, 2020 16:39:21  

Quick update:

Sadly I haven't made it out to longer ranges yet. Hopefully I can get to it sooner than later, and get a few pics in the process.

Just wanted to point out that the screws on the front section of my scope rail were not countersunk far enough. What that means is that when using a Picatinny scope ring, the crossbar on the ring interferes with the screw heads before the ring itself properly seats on the rail. In effect, this forces the front ring to sit up higher than it should, acts like a cant-correcting device (but in the wrong direction) and could cause damage to your scope tube or rings due to the misalignment. Easiest fix was to make sure the scope rings don't land where one of the screw heads is located. Alternate easy fix is to use a dovetail ring. I will probably countersink mine deeper at some point, but it's alright for now. I imagine this could happen to the rear rail portion as well, so if anyone out there is getting weird scope cant in either direction, keep this in mind.

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August 7, 2020 10:56:14  

Been enjoying my .25 & playing with tuning- 25 gr. Jsb @ 880 avg. Reg set @ 1900psi & 2 1/2 in on HS. 33gr. coming in 820's with same tune. Want to try out my 43gr. Eujin's but only have a few but if accurate will put on next order. These groups were @ 65 but hitting gong target like clockwork @  100 ( that will be my next paper target groups.) 1st two groups were 16 & 8 of 25 gr. & last were 33gr. with same POI. Wind was 10-15 & me guessing holdoff timing gusts, so need to get calm(5-8 mph here in N.E.) LOL 

img048 min
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