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Does anyone here have a Crown Continuum?  


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2019-10-24 02:21:48  

Hi folks, is there anyone in here who has a Crown Continuum? I am torn between a Continuum, A Dream Tac or a Brocock Sniper Magnum HP, and I could use some opinions. I am currently leaning toward the Brocock, but can may be swayed if I hear the right things. I have heard plenty of stories about FX valve seats and other bits that were engineered too light and break easily. FX says that the Continuum is a much sturdier barrel assembly, and that sounds great for hunting...but how about the other bits? Has anyone had one apart yet and checked to see if the valve seat etc. are being made more beefy? I know that Ernest Rowe has been working with FX, and one would assume that he would be telling them to beef stuff up because so many of his posts are dedicated to fixing those bits when they break. Also, what is the max power you are getting out of a Continuum? I know the Brocock is a simpler gun with less to go wrong and built quite sturdy and quite powerful out of the box (45 fpe in .22, 56 fpe in .25). Ultimately I really want an accurate and powerful gun that will handle the bush and not break down all the time...but if I could have that with a changeable barrel system it would be even better. What do ya think folks?

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2019-12-20 11:20:26  

I have one in .22 it has been fine for 6 months. I had a dream tac and did not like it b/c it was so long.  I had a dream pup and sold to a buddy and wish I hadn’t. Nice and small and very accurate.  The crown is quite a bit more expensive .  I am considering selling mine to purchase an impact mk2 I’m not as worried about FX b/c the guns come w 3 year warranty 

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2019-12-20 15:04:17  

Very interested in hearing about this topic.  I too am looking to get a good hunting PCP and am torn between the above named guns.  Looking for more shots per fill in a good .22 cal.  Love to hear from others that have the guns listed above.

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2019-12-26 10:40:42  

I too have the Continuum in .22.  While I haven't taken it completely down, what I have done is some fine tuning so I have taken the stock off and made finer adjustments to the hammer spring after polishing the hammer slide and opening up the barrel port slightly.

Had it since June 2019 and taken it out on hunts about every 2 weeks.  Remember that it comes with a 380 and 700mm barrel.  I have not used the 700mm yet as the 380mm is perfect for hunting, very maneuverable.   Kills to 100 yards are routine.

I now have it pushing pellets around 890-895FPS, which is good speed for such a short barrel and only doing minor mod on the barrel port.

The adjustable stock is perfect, gun is light, not barrel heavy, balances extremely well.  The addition of a standard Huggett LDC makes it pretty quiet.

I'm happy with my purchase.


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2019-12-28 00:12:19  

I've the .25 Continuum , two .25 barrels, standard kit. Very nice, synth stock. Purchased a .177 barrel kit as well, to shoot FT with, but it's not quite up to snuff for that type of work. ( Anyone who's got the secret sauce for FX .177 accuracy, please let me know. The random flier thing is maddening.- I've bore pasted, reg adjusted, power wheeled, and ran through every version of pellet commonly available)

With the .25 cal barrels, it's quite accurate and not nearly as "delicate" as an Impact (owned, past tense).

It's a bit of a boggle to remove the stock, as both the safety lever and the power wheel have to be removed first and there are small, delicate things that can go missing if one is not aware.

Removing the stock gives you the best access to the trigger adjustment and power wheel adjuster- I've been under the hood a dozen times now, seems excessive but I can't leave well enough alone, I reckon. The .177 travails didn't help....

Would I purchase it again? Most def if I could select a slug barrel as part of the standard offering.  The 700 mm and short barrel work fine with pellets, and rifle might be a touch too light.  Off hand, it's quite nice, and I plan on shooting 10 meter competition (our club allows optics) w it.

The new reg is nice, the 4 screw barrel retention is an improvement, stock is quite accommodating.  With all of the shrouds on and walking around, the barrel twitches a lot- it's springy.

Looks like the poi might change from the movement; I haven't experienced a change yet, but once I did a mild drop, very slight touch of the barrel onto the ground and the POI shifted significantly.

I've used it with the .177 on a turkey, (DRT) and with the .25, cleaned up on tree and ground squirrels. It's effective, but not my favorite.

Merry New Year and best to you!