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Daystate Wolverine Hi-Lite .22 and a Decibel Meter  


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2020-03-29 13:07:01  

You can spend your entire life testing airgun report if you desire.  Simply pressed max db on the meter, and placed accordingly. 

Here are some numbers from a Wolverine Hi-Lite .22 @ 230BAR (do not have chrony numbers) in a suburban backyard.  I'd say the backyard is 27Lx15W in yardage.  I shot in the center.

In Db:

Shooter:  105, 105.8 (multiple readings - these are extremely close averages)

Muzzle:  100.7, 101.5 (multiple readings - these are extremely close averages)

Impact zone:  98.8 (bottom of fence - I know - Don't lecture me - wanted a good smack)

12 yards behind gun:  70.3

10 yards perpendicular from gun:  78.9

Corner of fence-line (I'd say 10 yards in front of gun, and 10 yards to the right):  79.7

One reading inside the doorway from muzzle (Of course no one does this when game presents itself):  100.9

Need to order Different scope covers for the Bushnell Nitro, as the one that came with the scope is way too tight to even get halfway on.

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2020-04-04 14:35:50  

five shot, 25 yard groups.  The fliers were me.  The previous owner said this gun is so accurately boring that he had to sell it.  Indeed, it is a tack driver.  However, when I'm able to shoot 100 yard groups l'd like to see the spread:

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