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Daystate Wolverine 303 with Sightron 4-16x42mm Silver Plex SII Big Sky Scope  


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2020-01-20 13:27:20  

I was ready to sell the scope and rings since they sat in a safe for at least a decade. It came from another complete rig purchase.  Then what do you know, a Wolverine 303 was asking for a silver setup. 

This gun is large!  Much larger than a Eliminator.  Must be at the Diana 100 size level. 

Surprised to see not much information on the web for this gun (especially at the 100+ yard range - if Utah airguns could only take one on a hunt). 

Wanted to see if it was backyard "friendly" quiet, so I fired one round.  The report was similar to a Crow Magnum.  However, it's apparent to me that you cannot shoot this safely in an urban environment.  The slugs would go right through a squirrel, and the impact would certainly be very loud.  If only the neighborhood fox presented itself...just kidding!  

Have not seen a Wolverine 303 with a silver scope and rings on the net, so here you go:

20200120 090208 resized
20200120 090239 resized

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2020-01-20 16:32:02  

Good looking set up with the silver scope and rings , 

that gun is defiantly not backyard friendly to much power .