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Crosman 761XL BB Gun

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Hello everyone, I'm looking on some information on the "Crosman 761XL BB gun". While at my grandmother's house I found one in really good condition, from what i'm told its new and never been used. The box however has been opened, but it contains all the original manuals. From my understanding it was purchased sometime in the early 1970's by my grandfather but he never used it. My question is, what is the value of a bb gun like this, in good condition with the box and paper work. Is there a market for something like this? Any other information you have to share on this gun would be great. Thanks.


Here are some images of the gun:

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so it's value in the Blue Book is only 60 buck but that doesn't mean someone wouldn't pay a lot more 

there is a first 1972-78 and second 1978- 81 variant where as the second is manual cocking

now seeing that the rifle is 40 some year old i would guess it would need to be rebuilt because of old seals 

the receiver is brass plated 

and it is a BB repeater or .177  single shot

so that is about it from me 

take care mike

761XL Owner's Manual & EVP (1972-1981) – Crosman

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Blue Book says $50 - $60. I would think being new with box it would be worth more. Had one in the 70's. Shot a lot of pigeons from the eaves of my house with it.

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Should go for around $200 with the box and papers according to my somewhat recent records of sales.

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hey this was my pellet gun when I was a kid, If you want to sell it email me at Oh I would want to make sure the bore hasn't rusted. thanks.

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Posted by: @gunfinder

 While at my grandmother's house I found one in really good condition.

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