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Crosman 13ooKT - Really Rough Chambering  


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2020-01-07 12:33:53  

Greetings airgunners!

I am the proud owner of a 1300KT.  It shoots really well, but chambering rounds is really rough.  Actually, if I place the pellet in the loading tray, and tilt the muzzle downward, the pellet literally falls into the chamber. 

The problem is when try to use the bolt to chamber the round.  I think it's catching on the hole for the notorious bolt screw.

Can someone recommend a method to make chambering a round more smooth?  I am loathe to start filing off metal, but perhaps judicious application of a file may be what the doctor ordered.

I am planning on modding this gun very soon, so metal shop surgery is on the horizon.  That would be the right time to address the chambering issue.  Any help you can offer will be appreciated.

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2020-01-07 13:56:08  

If it’s catching on the recess for the breech screw, drip in some wax from a candle or a crayon and level it off.  It’s not hard to scrape out if you need to take it apart in the future.