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July 15, 2020 19:23:27  

What can I say? So far I'm loving this rifle. Still lots of pellets to test, but truthfully the misses are of my own doing. I can't wait for when I'm really in the zone! Will try it out at 20 yards tomorrow and maybe 25 yards if that goes well. Shot the jsb blues hole in hole at 10 meters earlier. I think this may just be one of those once in a lifetime barrels that shoots anything better than I'll ever be 😇  So far...... Very good indeed.

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July 30, 2020 10:43:09  

My .22 200 was 16j when I bought it. The spring adjuster was fixed so a bit of futzin to get it out. Once it was in hand I drilled and tapped it I believe 10 x 32 and loctited a short allen set screw in it. I then drilled a small hole in the stock to access it. But on your gun I don't see the adjustable T/P choke screw.

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July 30, 2020 12:03:34  

Looks like one of the tamper-proof ones they were serious about keeping a match speed shooter. Don't see too many of those in the U.S., likely orginal intended for a country with strict power rules. Doesn't change the accuracy.

So the air passage from valve to pellet is one fixed size. Normally it will be a smaller sized passage..pretty much pre-strangled just by it's size,so restriction screw needed to make it even slower.

There is a limit to how much air you can get through the small passage in time to actually push the pellet.





Looking over the common lost of airgun restrictions in Europe...7.5J comes up quite often. Got some odd restrictions here and there..and I expect some of it is wrong (on-line stuff so often is).

Can see where 7.5J would be a good choice for a "tamper proof" version in many locations.

Makes me wonder about the "D"prefix shown....Germany?

Doesn't really matter to accuracy that I can tell.

Hector J Medina G
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August 5, 2020 11:01:33  
Posted by: @bf1956

Hoping Hector will chime in on this... What ever happened to those Altoros CZ200's you were importing?

I could have sworn I had already answered this, but obviously, I dreamt it, LOL!

I COULD have imported them, but it would have added cost uselessly. I really could add no value to an already customized gun, so I made the link to direct purchase available to all with the note that there were 3 available.

People bought them directly, and when they were ready, they got shipped directly also. I just acted as an 'Ambasssador' for the US friends that wanted one.

When those three were sold, Altaros looked for more aith CZ and that is when we found out that, apart from the large orders of S-200's by AA, they would not be putting airguns together anymore.

You can read the whole story here:

Keep well and shoot straight!







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August 5, 2020 13:00:16  

give you credits....was a good time to boost the CZ 200's at a good a lot of interest during those sales,and a lot of residual interest after they were gone.



It's still the best accuracy bang-for-the-buck,,,,,,but no one would mind if the same rifle cost less....on regulation is the "in thing".



(Bang For the have a Challenger PCP....the AA 200T/S200 both beats it buy a little bit in accuracy, but costs LESS,and breaks down/leaks  like 9X less.)

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