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Can someone post a list of raw tm1000 o-rings p/n?  


Chris Oldfield
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November 23, 2019 15:23:42  

Including the regulator.  Need sizes not where to buy kits. Thanks 

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November 23, 2019 16:13:16  

That seems to be a guarded secert. RAW will sell you a "kit of o-rings" for your gun but wouldn't give me the size of just one o-ring. Good luck, Don

Chris Oldfield
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November 23, 2019 21:54:56  

Im working on a list. Most of them are ordered today.  Just looking for verification for a few of them.  I will post alist when I know there all correct.  Dont know any of the tm air cylinder yet.  Chime in if you know any if them thanks

Member of Trade
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November 26, 2019 17:40:08  

Just resealed a TM this AM.

Primary o-rings on the cylinder end caps was 3x20


I keep on hand 1000's of o-rings and just match em up as needed, the end caps I had to search my misc box of oddballs to find them .. thus why that # was in my head still.

Chris Oldfield
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November 27, 2019 13:56:06  

Just changed most of the orings out and all is looking good.  Reg is still shooting where it should and nothing appears to be leaking with leak detector fluid.  Have it aired up sitting for a week or so to make sure.  Still have one to figure out and one just to locate.  The BS607 it looks like i would have to get over sea's, but don't know if the valve steam oring is ever a issue.   The one listed as "Regulator core to body" is the oring in the reg by the knurled area.  I will post pics later.  If anyone knows I'm wrong on anything please let me know.  I have 50-100 of most of these now.  There is high min orders.  Guess I have to buy more guns to fit my O'rings....LOL

T = Theoben Drawing

M = measured O'ring

RAW TM1000 sizeDurometerp/n SourceNeededO'Ring Store p/n
Valve Body LargeBS01310.82X1.78mm90        T       1 or 2B70013
Valve Body Smallmetric4.1x1.6mm70        T1n1.60x004.1
Valve StemBS6072.54x1.02mm70        T1Not found yet
Valve CapBS01514x1.78mm           70?        T1n1.789x014
Reciever Bottom PlugBS11313.94x2.62mm           70?       M1B70113
Regulator Body OuterBS01514x1.78mm       60/70       M1n1.789x014
Regulator Core to Body     no found yet
Regulator Core LargeBS8036.35x1.78mm           70?       M1n1.78x006.35
Regulator Core SmallBS0052.57x1.78mm           70?       M1B70005
Regulator Pin DiskBS8047.94x1.78m           70?        T1n1.78x007.94
Pressure Gauge Bodymetric18.1x1.6mm           70?       M2n1.60x018.1
Buddy Bottle Air TubeBS11110.77x2.62mm90      M/T1B90111
Air Tube EndsBS117.799x.103mm70       M2B70117
Filler Valve LargeBS012.364x.070mm70       M1B70012
Filler Valve SmallBS0052.57x1.78mm70       M1B70005



Citizen K thanked
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November 30, 2019 06:57:07  

Thanks for the info Chris.....Hard to find, I agree.  I have several purchased sets on hand but it never hurts to have a new source.