Buy an uncut barrel...

Buy an uncut barrel and have it machined to my gun? Whom do you suggest?  


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2020-02-09 08:20:30  

Hello everyone. Darryl here. I own and am very happy with my MK1 Taipan Mutant Short. I bought the gun some years ago from TopGun Airguns. It came with a 10.5" Czech barrel (not the CZub you all know, but rather a Czech barrel maker using the button-rifling technique similar to LW barrels). I'm looking to buy an unchoked LW barrel and have it machined for slug use in my Short. Can anyone suggest whom I might contact for this work? 

While I'm at it, the LW barrel is my initial choice. But when you know better, you make better decisions. So, if anyone can suggest an unchoked barrel with a slug-friendly twist rate, I'll surely appreciate your input. I've bought a spare barrel for my Short (an 11.375 CZub barrel), but I'm not inclined to open it's choke. I did open the choke on the Cz barrel, and maybe too much. But I'd like to try an unchoked barrel. It's very easy to swap barrels on the Short, so I can play with either pellets or slugs.

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