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Best scope choice for HW97K.25  


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2019-12-04 19:45:01  

Hi all. I'm seriously considering a HW97K in 25 cal. I was just wondering what others are using on their's and how they like them.


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2019-12-06 12:49:03  

Seems like a .25 would be hunting, pesting and plinking vs FT or bench.   If that's the case, then nothing special needed I think.   Maybe a UTG (cheaper) or a nice Hawke Airmax (more $$).   I don't think you'd need to go high end, but you could always do so anyway (Spurge!). 

I have a Athlon Talos on my plinking gun and it was fairly cheap, and a more expensive but low end Vortex on my "nicer" FT and bench/paper puncher (LGU).   The Vortex is a Strike eagle, chinese made vortex scope and I like it a lot, I think it's 4-24x.   Nice glass, great reticle and good turrets.   The warranty is awesome (with Athlon as well).   The scope is just a touch heavy for my tastes.  I think SWFA has a good sale right now and a fixed 10x  SWFA SS could be sweet.  Check them out at  They have used scopes at I think and were offering 15% off (not sure if it's still in effect).



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2019-12-06 13:13:38  

The Nikon 3-9 EFR scopes are nice.  Nikon is ending their scope production and these are on sale for arond $135 and a great choice for a spring gun.  I have a few and really appreciate the quality optics.

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2019-12-14 00:41:01  

I have a .177 cal 97K and I use a SWFA FIXED 12x on it.  It does not have an illuminated reticle.  I think an illuminated reticle would be a good option for hunting situations in dim/dark lighting or dark backgrounds.  Just something for you to consider.  The UTG scopes are a good value and are tough scopes.  I would think mil-dots or some other multi aim point reticle would also be desired for hunting at various ranges especially with a .25 springer.  I imagine there will be quite a drop in POI over a relatively short distance with the 97 power plant.  

whatever you get, enjoy!