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best 6-18 scope non springer under 150?

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best 6-18 scope non springer under 150?

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maybe I can help some. 😊

You're asking for the "best" scope — but my recommendation would be as useless to you as if you had asked for the best car — and I would have suggested to you a BMW, or a Hummer, or a Ford compact. 😄

It depends what you want that scope to do for you.... And that depends on your shooting scenarios and your personal preferences....:


Scopes have so many features that can help a shooter in so many ways making better shots — but it all depends on:

🔸the minimum and maximum ranges (minimum in case of stalk hunting)

🔸the targets:  Are they stationary and continuous, or is every shot at a different range?

🔸the budget of course

🔸the shooter's preferences:  E.g.:

—How will the shooter adjust the point of impact (POI) for different ranges? With the turret, with the reticle, or with either depending on the situation? ➔ This will determine the type of turrets and reticle, and FFP vs. SFP.

—Will the shooter carry the rifle on extended hunts (weight!), or not so much?

—The eyes of some shooters give them a headache when they have to look through a glass that is not crystal clear, or that has chromatic aberration or is a bit fuzzy at higher magnifications. And some shooters don't mind. "Good glass" in this particlar sense drives scope prices up rather steeply.


🔶 I'll attach an article below about choosing a magnification that suits your shooting scenarios below.

Just curious why you're looking so specifically at a 6-18x scope?

Why not a 4-16x, or a 3-18x?  Or why not a 4-20x, or 5-20x?  Or a 6-24x or 5-25x? 😊  

➔  You'd have a lot more choices with some of those magnification ranges, I think. 👍🏼



🔶 And here's a link to a post about choosing between a first focal plane scope (FFP) and a second focal plane scope (SFP):



🔶 Now, let us know what you need and prefer — and then I and others can follow up with concrete suggestions of particular scopes that will fill those needs and preferences! 😊




❌ Attachment:  Guide to Choosing a Magnification that Suits You

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It’s not one of the more popular magnification ranges for me….but do have three 6-18X scopes in service on PCP’s...and they were all “cheap”.

Think you can still find the Nikko Sterling side focus for about $150 even….would be the only side focus at that price point (quick check at Optics Planet...yep, $150)

Still using a Center point….likely as low as $80-$90. Objective focus, but it hasn’t screwed up.

Tasco doesn’t make this old scope any more, (bought it on close out... evidently they really did close it out) but it is still working for me.

All are on rifles accurate enough to detect if the scope screws up even a little bit….none of the three have, so have no urge to change them for something “better” (which might not actually be better...just more expensive).

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I'm trying to go the other direction, 1-5 or 1-6, and seriously unimpressed with some of the stuff I've received.

Here is a pic from an AMZ review of a similar scope, but at $200


As usual, Matthias has muddied the water with too much info 🤣 

You need a TL;DR version my friend.

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Never have gotten the hang of picture posting excuse any double pics.


Tried the low power variable “tactical” type scope….some of them are not bad, but they aren’t exactly cheap.


And some of them are “odd”


[url= g" target="_blank"> g"/> [/img][/url][url= ]DSCN2017[/url] by [url= ]Robert Dean[/url], on Flickr

[url= g" target="_blank"> g"/> [/img][/url][url= ]DSCN2018[/url] by [url= ]Robert Dean[/url], on Flickr


Scope “borrowed” from a center-fire….but it works real well in the close range brush with a Gamo Urban (isn’t “fast on target” what they were made for rather than bench type shooting?).


[url= g" target="_blank"> g"/> [/img][/url][url= ]DSCN2950[/url] by [url= ]Robert Dean[/url], on Flickr



Did find that cranked down to anything between 1 and 1.2....keeping both eyes open...worked pretty much like a "red dot"..cranked up to 6X, could make good use of the center "dot" as a precise type reticle.

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Athlon Neos has a 6-18x44 that would fit the bill, and it's a side focus. The ratings aren't through the roof, but most of the poor reviews seem somewhat questionable. I have the little 4-12 Neos, and aside from hard turning control knobs on the magnification and parallax, the image, detents, and tracking are all great. Really pleased with the image quality/price/value ratio.

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Is it only me or is there a creepy looking head about 2 o'clock not far off center.  Maybe 10 o'clock too.   

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Older Bushnell Trophys are pretty nice, clear glass, adjustments work well and tough. Ive got 3 of their 6-18s. You might post a WTB, I paid $150 for my last one.

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Yes those older Bushnells and the old Japanese Legend s even better ,go all in and get an Elite.....

 Japanese and Philippine made scopes good for the money...