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Beeman RX-1 and Theoben 90TB  


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2020-04-04 20:06:58  

An airgunner was requesting more photos of these guns.  After looking at this duo, they have been absolute killing machines in my arsenal.  In fact, there will be a whole chapter in my book of life.  Will be a very uncomfortable chapter too. 

Top is a Beeman RX-1 .177 with B-Square once piece and Beeman 66RL 2-7x32 with a deluxe walnut stock option.  Velocity is 1000FPS with Kodiak Match pellets.  The mount has been rock solid all these years.  I bought this gun before the BKL 260's came out, so that has been a long time. 

Below is a Theoben 90TB in .22 with BKL 260 and Leupold 6.5-20x40 EFR, along with a trigger shoe.  Average velocity is 890 with FTS pellets.  I have not shot this gun in a decade.  The original owner de-tuned it, and then it was sent to Beeman to re-charge it. 

I did not have a scale on hand, but they must weigh at least 10lbs. each.  Tack drivers, but you must do you part.  In todays PCP world, that means you need skill to shoot these guns offhand accurately at full power. 


20200404 100625 resized
20200404 100513 resized
20200404 100616 resized
20200404 100543 resized
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2020-04-05 00:58:47  

I love seeing your collection!

So Is that 90TB the original design that the HW90 came from?

Im kinda new to the theoben classics but I'm learning...I just picked up a very nice Eliminator in .22 that has been detuned to 18fpe but the shot cycle is pretty nice...from what I can tell it's from around 2005. 

Those are a couple fine specimens right there...

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2020-04-05 08:58:29  

   Concerning the HW-90 and the 90TB:

   Theoben licensed their (lp) patented, gas ram technology to HW to allow Weirauch to build their own rifle. However, the german engineers found that designing their own system was more difficult than they thought and they turned back to Theoben for help. Theoben then designed a system for them that is still used today. As a part of the deal, Theoben was allowed to sell their own version of the rifle - the 90 TB. The RX was a beefed up version of the HW-90 designed for Beeman to appeal to the power thirsty US market.