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Ballistic coefficient of the JSB Hades?  


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2020-03-04 20:10:34  

Has anybody seen anything on what the ballistic coefficient of the JSB Hades .22 is. I’d assume it’s essentially the same as JSB Exact Jumbos but that semi-hollow point head could change things. I’d like to plug the correct ballistic coefficient into ChairGun. Thanks in advance!

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Doug Wall
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2020-03-05 22:33:11  

I suspect that they might be in the next round of testing from Hard Air Magazine. The .25 Hades were in the last round.

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2020-03-10 01:20:26  


I do not know the ballistic coefficient of the Hades in .25 or .22 but I know I'm on my Second .25 Seneca Eagle claw ( first was a dud cause the sear quit engaging but it shot exact JSB 25.39s great and then when I got the new replacement Eagle claw it wouldn't shoot those exacts or Jumbo's or any of 20 different pellets and probably a dozen different style .25 slugs as well.  Nothing grouped good at all and I was ready to send this 2nd eagle claw back as well for being inaccurate . That is until I got a new tin of JSB Hades in .25 in the mail. Wow hello magic pellet. Yup hole in hole accuracy at 25 yards and shoots good out to 100 yards reliably. These pellets are legit and another amazing JSB product when You find the right gun to shoot these in You will be wowed 2


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2020-03-10 10:03:20  

Rick Rehm did a video with what a Hades does to clay.

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2020-03-10 11:50:30  

Wow - that’s some damage alright. So far I’ve only shot a can of old tomato paste other than paper. At 59 yards it blew a pretty good hole in the tomato paste can. 

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2020-03-15 10:23:58  

The only BC test I found so far on the .22 Hades is this one:



They shot it with 30FPE, and measured velocities all they way out to 100m (111y), using a Labradar. They did not find much change of the BC at different ranges (i.e., velocities).

However, they used the G1 drag model instead of the more appropriate GA model (cf. the comments section in YouTube).


Their result was a BC of 0.023.


I'd assume that HardAir Magazine won't be delaying much more to test and publish their own take on the BC, using the GA model.


For a comprehensive list of BC numbers in .22 cal pellets, included rebranded pellets, cf. the attachment. 


Happy shooting,  😊 



Pellet Ballistic Coefficient Table .22cal