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Air Arms TX200 gets a PM  


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January 11, 2020 21:10:27  

My original TX 200 in .177 I have been shooting for years, healthy, accurate and solid.  Can't pin when I bought it new, but lets say 8-10 yrs now.  When I received it from the factory, little twangy and oily.  I tore it down, polished the spring ends only, and lubed it with ARH euro tar.  The piston seal received a band of moly paste with the front bearing.  The last month it is still shooting the same as day one, but felt like the cocking was slightly sluggish.  I was rummaging through my machinist box, and found a ARH TX 200 FAC kit in there, so what a better excuse to pull the action down.  Today is rainy, flooded, dark and dreary, so forgive some of the photos, but I snapped a few along the day,

Lets just see what things look like,

 The moly past was thick enough it couldn't be removed with a rag, you can see as I scraped through it with a screwdriver,

The comp tube was showing some scouring as seen,

The lower breech seal,

The upper which was a Viton 75 was showing some wear,

Going to work over the piston finish,  I usually start with 300 ish grit, 400, 600, then move to the red pads, dark gray, gray, then finish with the white scotch brite.  This piston was rough as a corn cob,

Here is how I address the comp tube, I install the front bearing on the piston, and wrap painters tape on the rear in front of the flange, then press in until it is tight.  This holds the comp tube while turning,

All my comp tubes inside get a quick cleaning and polish with a scotch brite pad, strapped to a piece of 1/2" delrin.  This is not a replacement for a stone hone,

Going to run a factory soft seal on the bottom, and the brown Viton 75 on top this time,

I went ahead and replaced the bearings, they were showing several thousands less than the new ones in thickness,

ARH seal,

Top picture is a new TX200 factory kit, middle is the FAC ARH kit, bottom is the well broke in kit just pulled from the rifle,

I like to coat the inside of my comp tubes with Super Lube grease, then wipe it out, seems to work well for me,

The breach cleaned up,

I took some photos of different lubes out there, I have only used the Heavy Tar once, it is a mess to remove and I find it dries out in a few years.  I have mainly been using ARH cold tar on ARH kits, which appears to be a moly suspended in grease.  I only apply a small amount on the o.d. of the spring,

Here as some pics of different lubes from ARH for reference, Euro Tars, Cold weather which I use year round, heavy tar, clear tar, and EWG grease.  I use the EWG grease on the comp tubes on the outside, rear bearings, any detents on break barrels including the barrel shims, trigger components.

Euro tar,

Cold weather tar,

Heavy tar,

Clear tar,

EWG grease,

Action back together,

It was almost dark, so I may do a follow up on the FPS.  I did test fire several rounds, it feels like the lock time is real quick, no twang, just a snap.  I remember this was shooting around 880 fps with the AA 8.4 pellets, chrony real quick is showing 840 fps with the same pellets, so this is where I was wanting to head.  Cocking effort is easier.  No spacers or weight in the piston were added, just the kit shown.  I do notice less jump in the rifle.

Hope you enjoy some pics, and more to follow at a later date,

Prairie Farmer

And time to play with my Christmas present the kids got me, as they know I like ol square bodies 🙂

BTW, the top comes off, tailgate drops, hoods props and shows chrome valve covers and cleaner lid, doors function,


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January 11, 2020 23:55:44  

WOW" great tear down" I have a old tx none fish scale,its 22 it shoot so good im afread to tear it down and its a twanger.Its pumpem 14.5mm at 760 fps. Is that the 350 or 454 in the  chevy? 

Prairie Farmer
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January 16, 2020 20:36:44  

I had two of the trucks growing up, a 350 and a 400 small block truck.  The 400 was notorious for overheating when in the mud for a long period of time, and I cooked mine one night in a bog,

Some quick numbers are in, from the OEM setup in the TX200 and after installing the near FAC level ARH kit and ARH seal. Seems to be some real good numbers and right where I was wanting it to plant. Cocking is easier and less thump on the cycle, not that the TX felt harsh to begin with. This rifle feels real solid and should shoot well for years,

I didn't have time for paper groups, but some real shots were taken and feel real happy with the result. Amazing enough, I pulled the scope with the BKL mounts together, and remounted it with zero POI solid mounts the BKL 260's are with a proper set up,

Before tear down,

After rebuild,

50 shot group, see the shine in the center of the target, 25 yds,

A 40 yd shot at a leaf, right where I was aiming, center top pettle,

Prairie Farmer

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January 17, 2020 10:02:13  
Posted by: @prairie-farmer

...forgive some of the photos, but I snapped a few along the day,

Wow -thanks for taking the time to write and post this! I have never opened up a springer, but have been "planning" on doing so for quite some time. Seeing this is very informative and helpful. Great pics, by the way.  

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January 18, 2020 15:17:56  

I really do appreciate all that you share and HOW you share it 😀 What a magnificent looking TX! Nice orderly shop too! If a fellow isn't careful, he could learn much from you 😉