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.22Cal Daystate Hunstman Regal Harper V. Question/ Advice ?  


Captain Air
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2019-12-21 23:01:04  

Hi Folks ,

I have been struggling for a long time, on how to fix a situation. Basically I wanted to buy a pcp in hopes to shoot a lot at home with low noise and with a very high shot count. The reason is, I retired to take care of dad for a few years. He had a stroke and fractured his hip. He's better but still another year to heal. So I did. But what ended up happening was I made a weird mistake. I purchased my favorite " Go Too " pcp for hunting in the woods at our cottage on Crown land. Instead of grabbing a Custom FX Royal deal that was too perfect  to wright down here now. So ... I was wondering , what would be the chances of having the power totally reduced on my Daystate as Above?  If anyone has a lead for me on a gentleman  that can?  The Daystate shoots 5 mags-50 shots before power drops off significantly. In around 30 ft/lbs average. So that's a great valve to begin with. Looking forward to any advice , 

Thank You,  Captain Air italodimichele67@gmail.com