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🔴 SLUG TABLE — Specs + Prices + Links to over 200 slugs in .22cal  


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🔴 SLUG TABLE — Specs + Prices + Links to over 200 Slug Variations in .22cal


🔶Prices as low as 5 cents per shot


🔶Weights as low as 15 grain (.22cal) and as heavy as 55 grain


🔶Some promising new designs — hollow cores for better BC

—polymer inserts for extreme expansion

—fragmenting slugs that dump all their energy into the quarry


🔶12 Manufacturers


🔶207 variations in .22 cal


🔶Active links to the sales pages of each slug variation



▪Slugs will never replace pellets! We need short range, low penetration, low power projectiles for many shooting situations. 👍🏼

▪Slugs provide us with an incredible extension of our hunting and target shooting range...

▪...with incredibly high impact energies at the quarry...

▪...under incredibly bad wind conditions... 😄




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