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Small Game Hunting in Southern Nevada

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Good afternoon,

I was wondering if anyone on here is from the southern Nevada area.

I've been hunting all my life but these past 3 years, it seems like I see more people than game out in the desert. 1.5/2.0 hour drive out, north, south, same thing. So I have been wondering about seeing if any of the farmers in Glendale/Moapa are open to me hunting bunnies on/around their fields. I would be using my new 0.25 Crown Continuum and my 0.22 M-Rod that I tuned to shoot the JSB 18.1gr at 870fps.

Anyone else have experience with the farmers around the Glendale area, or somewhere else in southern Nevada?


Thank you,


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Not so much for small game hunting,but maybe you can hone up your skills by offering your (free) services to local dairy farmers to rid their areas of pests such as mice and rats,pigeons and starlings.


Show the farmers that you will be using lead free pellets and hopefully your piece is suppressed so not to disturb the livestock.  Also illustrate that the pellets won't puncture the roof and sides of any building if you intend to be in the barn/stable areas.


Be sure to check with the fish & game folks to insure that pigeons/starlings are not protected and if you need a hunting license.


Maybe that will give you an opportunity to develop  a relationship with the farmer to get permission to hunt there??


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If the farmers are growing alfalfa, I assume the area is thick with jackrabbits. It doesn't hurt to ask. Let us know.