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Rabbits and coyotes in Nevada p

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I looked up the rules, and in Nevada, black tail jackrabbits and coyotes are not protected species (whitetail jackrabbits are protected). Black tails have a black fringe around the edges of their ears, so they're easy to identify. People from Nevada, and out of state hunters don't need a hunting license to shoot them either with firearms or air rifles. Jackrabbits are hares, and bunnies are rabbits. The r loopabbits are protected. I got really interested until I started reading about tularemia, and about 75% of my interest drained away. I've eaten jackrabbits in the past but I never knew how risky it was. Tularemia doesn't need a cut in your skin to infect you. All rabbits, hares, and ticks can carry this disease. I live about 75 miles west of Reno and someday I might go over the hill to hunt jackrabbits at night. I thought someone might be interested in this information.

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