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Nutria Hunting

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How many of you guys out there have hunted Nutria in the South?

I used to live in Oregon where they were abundant in the spring when it's wet and rainy. I now live in Northern Florida and don't hear of them living around the swamps. Possibly because the gators eat them.  I was hoping to see about hunting them here.

Nutria, (AKA as Swamp Rats) were imported from South America and brought to North America in the 1800's. They are an invasive species in the NW. In Oregon they are a real problem for the alfalfa farmers. They destroy the alfalfa fields by turning them into swamp land. The destruction begins when they build their nests 10' into the banks of small creeks that run along side the alfalfa fields. The nests eventually cave-in and the water takes over. This expands the creeks and they eventually form large swamps that consume the alfalfa fields. The farmers in Oregon hate them. I had the opportunity when I lived there to do some pest control with my HW 90 .22 and it was a lot of fun to stock them. They are very wary and will hide in their nests when they see movement. I liked sneaking up on them from a distance then taking them down at around 40 Yds. Anybody here ever hunt them in the South? If so post some info about where.


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I could be wrong on this but I think that Louisiana still offers a bounty on the Nutria,don't know about FL though.


Now that you are in FL,if no Nutria are in your location,what about Iguanas?? Still no luck? Then go fishing for Snakehead fish and cap them with your air rifle or air pistol.  Just a thounght.


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