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Didn't have near the hunt the Dean did, but ...  


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August 23, 2020 12:45:09  

I had fun nonetheless. Didn't get into the woods till almost 9, so I told myself this was mainley a "scouting" to see what they're eating. No suprise, they are onto the hickory nuts -

0823201020a HDR

Did my best to creep slowly in the tall grass, and spotted one on the ground - he saw me, hoped onto  a sapling, and gave me a shot -

I wouldn't have found him I hadn't seen the tall grass move 15 or so yards to the left of where he landed - glad I didn't lose the first kill for my bottle build -

0823200907 HDR

This WMA is on the other end of the lake (Percy Priest Resevoir) from the one I normally hunt in, and actually a little closer to the house - and very beautiful

0823201040b HDR
0823201040a HDR

Always wondered where Wilson ended up lol -

0823200959 HDR

By 10:30 or so it was getting pretty warm, so I took a slow hike back to the truck, and eventually saw some movement high in the tree tops - a tree rat working the hickory tree, not paying attention to me, and was able to pull off an offhand headshot at a steep angle ,so I ended up with two -

0823200953 HDR (1)

I know this was a lot of words for just two squirrels, but what the heck!




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August 23, 2020 13:41:12  

Kinda reminds me of a couple decades ago when living in West Virginia and squirrel hunting with my brother on the "old home place" outside Harrisonburg, VA.

My brother and I would travel from West Virginia to "the old home place" to hunt squirrels and sometimes our uncle would meet us there with his R9.  My brother and I would dress "inconspicuous like" and hunt one day, spend the night in the car, then start hunting at daybreak the next morning. It was normal that I would get a few squirrels but my brother would get his limit each day simply because he was a better squirrel hunter. Uor uncle who grew up on the farm we were hunting would show up around noon on the second day wear dungarees and a red plaid shirt to do his hunt. It was amazing to us that in only about 4 hours our uncle would show us at the camp with a "6 squirrel Virginia limit"!

My brothers and I would play on the old farm when we were kids during summer vacation, however I'm guessing that my uncle being an excellent squirrel hunter, plus having a lifetime of hunting at the "old 125 acre home place" was beneficial!

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August 23, 2020 14:30:38  

When does your season begin? Here in Virginia, it doesn't start till September. Don

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August 23, 2020 14:51:49  

@doninva  It starts on the second Saturday of August and runs till February 28.

I usually wait till the first frost or at least a little cooler, but Deans post made my trigger finger a little itchy...

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August 23, 2020 20:29:20  

Went out again around 4 o'clock, but went to the other WMA, got three fryers out of the same shag bark hickory - this little bottle

build is dialed in, made three shots I'm very proud of - all head shots from well over 40 yards at very steep angles, the neck's still a

little sore from looking up -

0823201717 HDR


0823201748 HDR


0823201756 HDR


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August 24, 2020 22:48:30  

Way to go, if I had only one type of hunting I could do I think it would be squirrel hunting or maybe hunting bunnies over beagles.. I love deer hunting but not like the other 2.

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September 16, 2020 18:30:16  

Great inaugural hunt!


Looove squirrel hunting.


Pest culling good too.  Farmers around here appreciate it.