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AAS410 .22 takes tree rat at 25 yards at about 30 fpe - graphic...  


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November 11, 2019 14:14:04  
Hunt 11NOV19 Pic 1

Imagine the delight when you hear the distinct "chirp" of a tree rat as it is excited about something in its world. I was just shooting targets with the trusty H&N Barracudas...


Hunt 11NOV19 Pic 2

Had the AAS410 out and was on a fresh 200 bar fill loading up shot number two. I was more than happy to acquire the target, sharpen the focus and at the angle in the tree (up and at about 25 yards out) I decided a head shot was a possible miss - so aimed for the lungs behind the shoulder. A satisfying "TWACK!" and then the death drop to the ground. I had to descend down the hillside to retrieve the little female.  Would have been a hard find in all the leaves (I could not see the fall/landing from the shooting table) if not for the neighbors cat who was sitting happily at the point of impact. 

Hunt 11NOV19 Pic 4

I climbed back out of the woods and placed for a beauty picture. Then got to work on the skinning. Nice hit right in the lungs. Went in one side but not out of the other. I was able to skin it so the pellet hole will be available in the pelt. 

Hunt 11NOV19 Pic 3

Something about the unexpected kills when you are not hunting that makes them special. Salted down the hide and will get to tanning it in a day or so....

So what did you kill this weekend?